Jimmy Fallon Can’t Keep A Straight Face During Bizarre Bruce Willis Interview

Jimmy Fallon, like most people, probably always thought Bruce Willis was bald. After all, no one seems to have seen any hair on Bruce Willis’s head for a long time; or, maybe, fans just weren’t paying attention?

That was the question raised on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show this week, when Jimmy Fallon interviewed legendary actor Bruce Willis, and his whole new head of hair.

As HNGN reported, Bruce Willis confidently walked on stage to Jimmy Fallon’s show wearing a rather obvious wig, remarkably like the infamous head of hair supported by presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Rather than make jokes about his newfound mop of hair, Willis pretended as if nothing was going on. Finally, Jimmy Fallon couldn’t take it anymore and had to find a way to delicately bring up the topic.

“You know, I’ve never noticed — I don’t want to embarrass you or anything, but, what’s going on with the hair?”

The sixty-year-old, world-famous actor kept his cool and didn’t break character once.

“It suddenly has just seemed to grow exponentially. I was a blond when I was a kid.”

As Us Magazine reported, Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Willis then went on to discuss Bruce Willis’s various hairstyles in his previous movies.

Impersonating Donald Trump has been a hot trend on Jimmy Fallon’s show in recent months, with Darrell Hammond and Taryn Killem previously attempting to pull off the impersonation on a rival television show, along with Jimmy Fallon himself, and now Bruce Willis.

Darrell Hammond impersonated Trump on Saturday Night Live more than eleven years ago, while Taryn Killem attempted the impersonation on Saturday Night Live earlier this month.

As Us Magazine reported, Jimmy Fallon even encouraged cat owners to give their cats hairdos resembling the one sported by Donald Trump.

As Us Magazine commented, despite Bruce Willis’ obviously superior acting skills, he couldn’t quite pull off the perfect Donald Trump pout as well as Jimmy Fallon himself. Check out this comparison and comment below. Who makes the best Trump? Is that an aspiration actors and comedians should even have?

In other Jimmy Fallon news, this Saturday will see Jimmy Fallon receiving the Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor and being crowned “Emperor of Comedy” by the Harvard Lampoon.

People reports that this Saturday’s celebrations, which will take place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will be no small deal. Aside from Jimmy Fallon receiving the prestigious comedy award, he will also be the guest of honor throughout a personal parade featuring Roman Chariots and a marching band.

Jimmy Fallon will conclude the parade on the steps of Lampoon Castle, where the official ceremony will begin.

The President of the Harvard Lampoon told People that Jimmy Fallon is being honored with this prestigious award due to his comedy talent.

“He is extremely talented, both at performing his own jokes as well as other people’s music.”

The Harvard Lampoon was founded in 1876, and Jimmy Fallon will join the upper echelons of humor along with previous award recipients including Robin Williams, Jay Leno, Tracey Ullman, John Cleese, and Jimmy Durante.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown, Theo Wargo / Getty Images]