Update: Truck Driver Blames Lohan For Accident

By now most know actress Lindsay Lohan was in a car accident and despite a hospital visit came away uninjured.

But now the driver of the other vehicle, so far only identified as James, claims a member of Lohan’s entourage attempted to bribe him to keep things quiet, and moreover, he also told TMZ that it was Lohan, not him, who was responsible for the crash.

The Huffington Post recounts that Lohan was driving a rented $80,000 Porsche with her assistant in the passenger seat when she slammed into the massive truck Friday morning in Los Angeles, totaling her car.

James says Lohan was “flying” down the highway, and that he couldn’t have cut her off as he was in the right lane already.

James called 911 when he thought that Lohan and the passenger were attempting to flee the scene. He also told the Huffington Post that Lohan’s entourage attempted to hide a small pink bag, and asked him not to mention it to police.

Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis told the Huffington Post that neither Lindsay Lohan or James showed any signs of driving under the influence.

Despite this accident, the New York Post reported that Lohan, who has been jailed several times for probation violations, was recently praised by a judge for making good on her community service.

The wreck occurred as Lohan was en route to the set of her new Lifetime TV movie “Liz Dick” where the former child star is slated to play Elizabeth Taylor. Grant Bowler of “True Blood” will play actor Richard Burton, Taylor’s husband.

(Photo by Christopher Macsurak)