Police Body Cam Footage Shows Chaotic Scene Following Northern Arizona University Shooting [Video]

Police released the body cam footage of one police officer who responded to the Northern Arizona University shooting in Flagstaff, Arizona, that left one dead and three others wounded. The dramatic video shows the chaotic scene as police arrived to treat those who had been injured while securing suspect Steven Jones. The incident took place outside of the college dormitory where four Delta Chi members were shot.

The Daily Mail reports that police have released the body cam footage of the incident after college freshman Steven Jones allegedly opened fire on a group of Delta Chi fraternity members in front of a Northern Arizona University dormitory. In the video, you can see a number of people laying on the ground as screams are heard in the background. The video has many portions redacted as the police department claims it wants to keep the identity of witnesses secure.

At the beginning of the video, you hear a female telling one of the victim’s or someone nearby that the person on the ground has a “hole” in his chest. Meanwhile, you can hear the officer calling for medical support as people ask if medical help is on the way. Other officers secure the suspect as the chaos continues around them. After the suspect was secured, officers spoke with the ambulance staff noting four separate victims. The EMT can be heard telling them that they had taken three of the victims to the hospital.

Though the video has redacted the portions that contain statements from witnesses, it is able to show the state of the campus in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. Students were “running around screaming and crying” as officers attempted to give first aid to the victims. In other videos released by the department, police officers can be seen going door-to-door of other fraternities and sororities looking for witnesses and gathering more details about the shooting.

Ultimately, three Delta Chi fraternity members were injured and one was killed in the shooting. Nicholas Prato, Kyle Zientek, and Nicholas Piring were the members injured, and Colin Brough lost his life. Police say they were able to secure suspect Steven Jones within just two minutes of arriving at the campus and say that he did not put up a fight upon arrest. However, Jones is maintaining that the shooting was in self-defense as the fraternity members had punched him in the face and began to chase him.

NAU shooting gunman
Steven Jones, NAU shooting gunman, booking photo

Police obtained a search warrant for Jones’ vehicle, where they found a backpack with three loaded Glock magazines. In addition to the Glock magazines, the police also found a knife holster, a laptop, a notebook and binder with letters inside. Police claim that the gun used in the shooting was a .40-caliber handgun that had a light affixed to the top.


In addition to the release of the body cam footage, the 911 calls made about the shooting have also been released. Callers claim that multiple shots were fired and that there were people down on the ground outside. However, none of the callers knew who the shooter was and were not able to provide many details aside from the shooter being heard “yelling” outside. One caller said the shooter was a white male who was tall and slender, a description that described Steven Jones.

Steven Jones is currently being held on a $2 million bond and will remain in prison until his next scheduled hearing on November 24, 2015, where he will be charged with murdering Colin Brough and injuring the three other fraternity members.

[Photo via Northern University Police Body Cam Footage via Daily Mail]