Laura Schwendemann Disappearance: Cops Looking For Black Car

Laura Schwendemann has been missing for over a week, as she went missing last Wednesday, October 14. Schwendemann is a student at the University of Minnesota-Morris, where she is a freshman. Not many details are known about this case, but it is known that Laura hasn’t been seen since last Wednesday and that people close to her are worried.

Police were able to locate Laura Schwendemann at a Holiday gas station on 50th Ave. in Alexandria, Minnesota, last Wednesday. This is where Laura was last seen, according to police. This is about 40 miles from the school, and police have provided no theories as to why she was spotted at this particular location or where she could be going.

According to a new CBS Crime Insider report, Laura Schwendemann remains missing, but police are now trying to find vehicles that may be connected to her disappearance. Police may have a lead as to what happened to Schwendemann, and now they are asking the public for help. Police are asking anyone who saw a black 1997 Geo Prism with a loud exhaust between Wednesday, October 14 at 9:30 p.m. and Thursday, October 15 at 10:30 a.m. to contact authorities.

Laura Schwendemann

Authorities believe that there may be a connection between the driver of this vehicle and Schwendemann’s disappearance. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says she didn’t leave voluntarily, and authorities want to talk to anyone who may have seen something near the time she was getting gas for her car.

The car they are looking for was last seen between Wednesday, October 14 around 9:30 p.m. and Thursday, October 15 at 10:30 a.m. No word on whether they were able to get a license plate from the footage. It is possible that the driver of the car is not from the area.

Anyone who saw the vehicle in question during this time should contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 320-762-8151 or the Pope County Sheriff’s Office at 320-634-5411.

Laura Ann Schwendemann is 18-years-old and was headed somewhere when she disappeared. Police are also asking local hunters, farmers, and other residents in the area to keep an eye out for anything suspicious they made see or hear in the area. No word on any discoveries yet or what the police could specifically be looking for.

Laura Schwendemann missing

But it sounds like the police office has more information about Laura Schwendemann. Apparently, the sheriff’s offices said they have “specific interest” in the townships of Holmes City and Solem, in Douglas County, and Nora, Ben, and Wade in Pope County, according to Bring Me the News. Police didn’t specify what they were looking for, but it is possible that the vehicle they are looking for is connected to these areas.

Laura is from Starbuck, Minnesota, which is only about 19 miles from the University campus, according to Google Maps. According to her Facebook page, which was found by Bring Me the News, Laura is studying Business Management at the University of Minnesota, and her last profile picture post was from August 23. Her pictures show a happy young woman with lots of friends, family members, and loving surroundings.

At this point in time, police are looking for that black vehicle. The police have not released any additional details in regards to her disappearance, but since they have narrowed their search area, it is possible that they have more information than what they are releasing to the public.

What do you think happened to Laura Schwendemann?

[Image via Minnesota BCA / Kare11]