Matthew Hayden Bond Set At $6 Million: Sisters Shot Dead In Backyard

Matthew Hayden has been arrested in connection with a shooting that took place Wednesday morning at around 2:45 a.m. in the Colerain Township in Ohio, just north of Cincinnati. Police strongly believe that Matthew was the shooter who ended up killing two people and injuring another. And shockingly, Hayden knew the people he supposedly shot, as the deceased have been named as his sisters. The survivor of the shooting was a friend of Matthew.

Matthew Hayden was quickly the primary suspect as police surrounded the area where gunfire was reported. The shooting happened in the middle of the night, so it is possible that neighbors heard the shots. The shots were supposedly fired in the backyard, meaning someone may have heard the shots and called 911.

According to a new CBS Crime Insider report, Matthew Hayden has now been charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. Hayden, 21, surrendered to police, who quickly surrounded the home where shots were fired. Hayden was taken into custody. Police strongly believe that everyone knew one another.

Three people were shot in total. Matthew has been charged with killing his two sisters, Sarah and Elizabeth, who were teenagers. They were younger than him, and they were hanging out with someone believed to be a friend of the victims, Joshua Hacker. Joshua has also been labeled a teen, and no ages have been confirmed except for Matthew’s. It is possible that the teenagers were all under the age of 18.

Other than Matthew and the three victims, several people were inside the home during the time of the shooting, including a 2-year-old child. No word on whether they will be charged in connection with the murders.

Matthew Hayden made his court appearance this morning, where he was officially charged and bond was set. Based on photographs popping up on Twitter, he looks sad, scared, and confused. The report from the CBS Crime Insider does not reveal in what degree he was charged with murder. If he was charged with first-degree murder, then prosecutors have to prove that he planned out the shooting. It is possible that he had brought the gun to the backyard with the intention of shooting someone. Plus, it is hard to argue that the shooting was an accident when several shots were fired and two people were killed and one person was injured. There is no word on whether there are any witnesses to the crime, but police may talk to the people inside the home to see if there is any context to the shooting.

The surviving victim, Joshua Hacker, was shot multiple times and taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He is currently under care. It is possible that he will be able to tell police what happened in the backyard. There is no word on how he is doing or if he is able to talk to police about what happened Wednesday morning. As for Matthew, he is staying in jail.

“Judge sets bond at $6 million for Matthew Hayden, Colerain Twp man accused of shooting his 2 teen sisters dead, wounding their friend,” read a tweet from ABC’s WCPO this morning, as the judge revealed the bond.

Hayden was clearly shaken up by the entire thing as shown by the pictures from the courtroom. Police have not revealed whether he was under the influence of something, but he could be realizing his actions as he is sobering up — if he was indeed under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

[Image via Scott Olson/Getty Images]