Mark Zuckerberg Launches New Website To Encourage More Coding And Learning

Mark Zuckerberg wants to connect the world using the internet, and Facebook has been a very strong way of doing so. Mark launched back in 2014 as a way of connecting more people through the power of the internet. He has traveled the world and celebrated major milestones with this new project, which is separate from Facebook. But now, Zuckerberg has another plan in mind: get more youngsters involved with coding.

It is no secret that Mark Zuckerberg hires people at Facebook who can code and create. Some of the features Facebook offer have been created by employees who get to play around with code. Mark encourages his employees to create, code and explore — and some of these new projects, programs, and features are sometimes integrated into the Facebook platform. But now, Zuckerberg wants to change the way people code and influence what they create.

According to a new Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg is now launching a brand new website that aims to encourage younger people to get involved with coding. The website is called TechPrep, and it teaches young people how to code.

“Today we’re launching TechPrep — a website to help people start programming careers. It shows parents and students what programming is, why it’s important, and what sort of jobs are available for those who can code. It guides people to resources to get started — everything from classes to college prep. And it features real stories from people from under-represented groups who’ve used the resources to start careers in tech,” Mark wrote on his official Facebook page.

“Improving diversity in the tech industry is an important challenge, and something we’re deeply committed to at Facebook. Everyone should be able to take advantage of the opportunities created by the internet. Giving everyone the opportunity to learn to code will create even more valuable tools to serve society,” Zuckerberg adds.

He points out that McKinsey research reveals that there are fewer resources available for Black or Hispanic learners, and this new website aims to change this. He wants to offer resources and support to get everyone a fair chance when it comes to coding, creating, and learning.

“We hope this is a valuable resource for people in our community, and that it helps makes a small contribution towards making our industry more diverse,” Mark concludes on his Facebook page.

The great thing about this new website is that it targets people on different levels, according to Engadget. For example, the website suggests services and gadgets based on your age, skill, and what you are looking for specifically. In other words, the services are tailored to the learner, and not everyone goes through the same learning process.

Of course, there has been a growth in new startups around the country that have been based on coding, apps, and tech. Maybe Zuckerberg wants to start a brand new movement that teaches youngsters everything they need to know to start coding and growing. And many news outlets covered this story as Zuckerberg launched the site. The official Facebook page for the website quickly grew from just a few hundred people to over 22,000 likes in just 24 hours. Clearly, Mark has hit a certain demographic with this new website: a group of young learners who would love to create something fun in the tech world. Many have already signed up in hopes of learning the ropes of coding. No word on how Mark will supply the support for those individuals who need it.

What do you think of Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to connect the world through the internet and now teach young people how to code?

[Image via David Ramos/Getty Images]