Prediabetes Linked To Increased Stroke Risk

Prediabetes patients, or people with higher-than-normal blood sugar levels, could be at greater risk for having a stroke later on in life according to a study published June 7th in the BMJ.

MSN reports that researchers from the University of California examined 15 previous studies, which involved more than 760,000 people and found that people with prediabetes were at a 21 percent higher risk of stroke. The disease affects 79 million people in the United States alone, prompting researchers from the University of California to warn that this could lead to a large-scale health problem.

MedicalXpress notes that Bruce Ovbiagele, MD, a professor of neurosciences at UC San Diego School of Medicine and the study’s senior author stated:

“The immediate implication of our findings is that people with pre-diabetes should be aware they are at increased risk of stroke, and that this condition is frequently associated with one or more major risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Beyond that, there’s a great need to further refine our understanding of that risk and how it’s measured.”

Minisha Sood, MD agrees with this opinion, according to WebMd, saying that prediabetes can be a big warning sign for potential health problems, including stroke. Sood stated:

“Many people don’t take complications of their disease to heart, and they don’t put a lot of weight on lifestyle changes. The onus is on the patient, but physicians can’t be lackadaisical about prediabetes either. … Know your numbers so you can get a head start on reducing your cardiovascular risk factors.”

People with prediabetes usually have the same risk factors as those with type 2 diabetes, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and obesity. With this new study, another possibility has been added: risk of stroke.