October 22, 2015
Gruesome Autopsy Photos On Instagram? Pathologist Sparks Public Outrage With Social Media Gore

Do you like looking at autopsy photos? If you do, pathologist Nicole Angemi's Instagram account should be right up your alley. The Daily Mail reports that the New Jersey woman is attracting quite a bit of attention to what she's been posting to the popular social media site. Not all of the attention has been positive, however, and numerous people are expressing outrage at what she's been posting.

Angemi is an enthusiastic pathologist who makes a living examining the bodies of the deceased -- whether they've died of natural causes or are victims of violent homicides. She showcases her daily work with graphic photos on her Instagram account, which has attracted nearly half a million followers. Graphic is an understatement when it comes to describing the content she publishes, which is exactly why she has attracted a bombardment of negative reactions. Of course, some of that negativity stems from the fact that most of the photos have been taken without the permission of the loved ones of the deceased subjects.

Nicole Angemi via Instagram
Nicole Angemi via Instagram

Angemi has been performing autopsies for at least a decade, and she's passionate about what she does. She's been featured in documentaries and other news articles, most of which indeed focus on the negative attention that surrounds her. In a documentary filmed by Vice, she declared that it upset her that her photos get flagged and removed. That's because she feels there are far worse things on Instagram -- such as half naked photos of underage celebrities. She says that she posts the graphic photos because she wants to help educate the world about what's going on in their bodies, and what happens when you die.

Not everyone see it the way she does. In fact, numerous people seek her out on social media simply to express their anger and disgust for what she's doing.

"To present bodies of patients in the public when those patients are alive, you need consent. To post photos from unconsenting [sic] patients or families is incredibly unethical," one person commented.

"When my mom died she donated her body to science. My biggest fear was that her body would be exploited and objectified. I am disgusted by what this woman is doing," another person on Instagram declared.

Most of the photos she features on her Instagram account cannot be published here because they are far too graphic. However, she is known to post photos of murder victims, suicide cases, and even aborted and miscarried fetuses.

Even though a lot of people are outraged by the photos that she posts, there are some folks on social media who are taking it all with good humor, and plenty of people support her endeavors, as well.

Nicole Angemi is professional and tattooed/Via Instagram
Nicole Angemi is professional and tattooed. [Image via Instagram]Autopsy photos on the internet are certainly nothing new. The website Rotten.Com was one of the oldest websites on the internet and became famous for posting similar photos for many years. Furthermore, autopsy photos are often published by medical journals, which are available online and police reports that contain the grisly images are also usually available to the public. So do people have a right to be angry with Nicole Angemi for doing what she loves? Or is she really doing a service for the public by educating people on the workings of the human body, postmortem?

[Photo: Mrs_angemi / Instagram)