‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is The Reason For ‘Bachelor’ Couples Breaking Up

It’s possible that Dancing with the Stars is the reason why couples from The Bachelor don’t last. There’s been a regular pattern for a few years now that immediately after The Bachelor, the lead is asked to appear on DWTS. Perhaps producers feel that with interest in couples post-Bachelor being at fever pitch following the finale, the viewing audience would be even larger. Couples from The Bachelor have gained a substantial amount of fame by then… and have grown accustomed to the spotlight. It seems like a perfect formula… but is it worth it for the couples who thought that they found true love?

Trista Sutter, the first woman to become The Bachelorette, has weighed in on many aspects of the show over the years and finding love. She has a lot of room to talk because she’s been happily married to the man that she chose back in 2003.

Sutter spoke with NBC’s Today and shared what she thinks makes Bachelor couples break up. It has to do with Dancing with the Stars, believe it or not. Sutter said in her interview, “Whenever I hear of people going on Dancing With the Stars right after, it’s heartbreaking to me.”

She says that people “really need to focus your time and energy on each other” once The Bachelor wraps. During the show, Sutter says there’s a “bubble” that the lead and his fiancee are in. They have no access to anything familiar to them and aren’t even able to enjoy hobbies they normally do because their sole focus is suppose to be on relationships occurring on the show. When all of that ends in a short 6-to-10-week time frame, it’s vital that couples emerging from The Bachelor spend quality time in getting to know one another. Dancing with the Stars takes on a completely different commitment right out of the gate.

Sutter was on DWTS herself, but says that she and Ryan were together for years before she went on the show’s first season. Since that time, the show has demanded more from contestants in mastering multiple dances a week in non-stop practice sessions.

When Sutter appeared on the show, there was a few hours of practice maybe two or three days a week.

Several Bachelor stars have agreed to go on DWTS after filming The Bachelor. There was Jake Pavelka in 2010. He and then-fiancee, Vienna Girardi, were having issues that were hidden from the public at that time. Little did anyone know that they were in a nightmare situation until they split and made a mockery of their relationship in front of the whole world.

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Sean Lowe appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2013. Luckily, he and wife, Catherine Lowe, are still together. As the Inquisitr just reported, the couple will appear on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars starting in December on WEtv. Catherine says it’s not about there being any issues in their marriage, but that there shouldn’t be something wrong in order to maintain a good marriage.

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Chris Soules was the 2015 Bachelor lead and signed on with the spring season of DWTS after falling for Whitney Bischoff. He admitted to Hollywood Life that being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars strained their relationship. He was tired and was unable to focus enough of his attention on Whitney.

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Sean Lowe gave Soules some advice before his gig on the show, “Spend as much time with your new fiancee as possible. Being on Dancing with the Stars is exciting and all, but the twelve hour dance rehearsals can place strain on the new relationship.”

Does appearing on Dancing with the Stars threaten relationships for couples who just finished The Bachelor?

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