‘The Flash’ Season 2 Spoilers: Rumors On Tom Welling Appearing As Superman From ‘Smallville’ — The Return Of Firestorm And Grodd

One of the hottest shows on television today is The Flash on The CW, and rumor has it that it’s only going to get better this season; Warning, some spoilers are ahead. First of all, it certainly appears fans may not have seen the last of Firestorm even though he “died” earlier this season. Grodd is allegedly coming back, too. The bigger possibility is that the rumors of Tom Welling appearing as Superman from Smallville are starting to gain some speed again, and there is a chance that he could show up Season 2 on The Flash.

The biggest rumor that started going around earlier this year was that Tom Welling would be appearing on this season of The Flash. Not only would he be appearing, but he would show up as Superman/Clark Kent, reprising his role from the hit show Smallville.

Not only do rumors say he will be showing up, but he’ll be in the Superman suit. That is something that was not seen on Smallville until the series finale and even then, it was just in small glimpses and not seen much at all.

the flash rumors spoilers tom welling superman

The original rumor came from Reddit and it came about around April of this year. Executive producer Greg Berlanti said that Superman (Welling) may show up on Season 2 of The Flash, but it’s the rest of the rumor that adds more credibility to it.

“Now, from what I gather, this Superman is going to be played by Tom Welling and his Superman may or may not be tied to Smallville but I think that the end season 1 would introduce an alternate timeline where Superman exists and Caitlin and Cisco are metahumans.”

The interesting part of that is the final sentence where an “alternate timeline” could exist to bring in Superman. So far this season, the alternate universes including Earth-1 and Earth-2 have been introduced along with a total of 52 universes or…infinite earths.

Also, Cisco is already experiencing some metahuman powers.

the flash rumors season 2

With all that coming true, it’s very possible that Superman (Tom Welling) could head over to Central City from Smallville. This would also open the door for other superheroes to land on the show and make appearances.

Talk on social media has heated up again and many are beginning to wonder when Superman could show up. Three episodes have aired this season already, but there are 17 more to go and a lot of time for the “Man of Steel” to appear.

Two rumors that have been confirmed are the return of two characters in Season 2 of The Flash.

the flash grodd

It is now known, as ComicBook.com reported, that the villain Gorilla Grodd is coming back. The website has people on the set this week and they have learned that Grodd will be coming back, but it isn’t yet known in what capacity or when.

Last season, Grodd showed up one time, but it was in a full episode of The Flash centered around him.

One return has already happened, when Dr. Harrison Wells (or the Earth-2 version of this character) returned at the end of episode two. The character played by Tom Cavanaugh is back, but he isn’t going to be the only one returning who was thought to be dead.

Episode four airing next week is titled, “The Fury of Firestorm,” and well, it’s kind of hard to think that Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) isn’t on his way back. At the end of episode three, Dr. Stein (Victor Garber) burst into blue flames, but he needs his other half since Ronnie is gone and was killed.

Cisco and Caitlin are working hard to find a partner for Dr. Stein and may have found one in Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh), but trust is already an issue. Even if Jax does partner to become Firestorm, actor Robbie Amell hinted on Instagram that his time is not done.

the flash rumors return of firestorm

Season 2 of The Flash is no more than three episodes old, but it’s already keeping up its pace to be one of the best shows on television this fall. The return of Grodd and Firestorm do nothing but make it better. Now, the arrival of Tom Welling as Superman from Smallville? Well, that could send ratings through the roof.

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