Harry Styles Mad At Liam Payne? Canceled Concert May Have Caused Tension

Harry Styles has apologized for Liam Payne getting sick and causing One Direction to cancel their Belfast, Ireland, show — and it appears from a radio interview that Harry Styles might be a bit miffed at Liam Payne.

Regardless, most of the time, Harry Styles appears completely supportive of Liam Payne. For instance, on October 20, Harry Styles wrote to fans on Twitter stating the following.

“Deepest apologies to everyone at the show tonight in Belfast. Very disappointed, but unfortunately these things happen. We’re very sorry. H”

How bad was the situation with the cancellation that Harry Styles apologized for? According to a Daily Mail report, “The fans, some from as far afield as Holland, France, Greece, were pictured queuing outside the venue in the cold, only to reportedly be told that the show would not go on, five minutes before.”

Harry Styles has a history of throwing shade, and some may be directed at Liam Payne over the Belfast concert cancellation.

Regardless, Harry Styles had more to say about the situation. RTE reported on October 21 that Harry Styles spoke with Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2.

Allegedly, Harry Styles said on the radio show about Liam Payne getting sick, “To be honest, we feel kind of lucky that we’ve got to this point and never cancelled one … So obviously, we’re all very disappointed.”

Is Harry Styles more upset at Liam Payne than first detected over their first (and possibly last ever) cancellation? Although it is impossible to believe that Harry Styles would be destroyed over Liam Payne cancelling the Belfast 1D concert, the band has a history of tension.

For example, although Harry Styles has managed to stay out of the in-fighting, there are reports that Liam Payne shoved Louis Tomlinson at a recent show, according to the Daily Mail. Was it just a joke?

Alternatively, Harry Styles could have felt slighted by Liam Payne canceling the 1D show because he is alleged to be quitting music and has displayed an egotistical side.

Harry Styles is known for being calm, but it does not mean that he will not throw shade.

After all, in an October 17 interview with Coup De Main, Design and Trend quotes Harry Styles saying that One Direction is strong as a band “probably through the realization that we all have the same goal for a lot of things.”

Are there any signs that Liam Payne is not sharing the same goals as Harry Styles as of late? Unfortunately, this could be true.

According to an UnReality TV report from October 19 (the day before Harry Styles apologized for canceling the concert), Liam Payne will be “quitting music” to become a gentleman farmer in Scotland.

Although it was likely in jest, Liam Payne also allegedly told Harry Styles and the One Direction gents that they must now called him “Your Lordship” and said, “I am a Lord. I’ve got a little bit of land in Scotland, and that makes me a Lord.”

Of course, it is not surprising to hear that Harry Styles is dissing someone. On October 17, Harry Styles and One Direction interviewed with Coup De Main and stated the following about how Zayn Malik not being around didn’t seem to matter.

“I think it was obviously different, the process, because there was one less of us … But at the same time it didn’t change… in terms of the writing of the album… it didn’t change that much.”

Will Harry Styles spend his One Direction break in 2016 giving Liam Payne a hard time? As it appears, Harry Styles might be taking on an acting career after all. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Harry Styles was offered a part in the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous film.

However, new information has emerged via the Mirror on October 20 that Harry Styles might be encouraged to take this idea of acting one step further. Allegedly, famed songwriter Wayne Hector stated the following about Harry Styles and acting.

“I’m not sure all of One Direction will want to focus on music, maybe acting – Harry [Styles] is a star … I’ve worked with a lot of boy bands and 1D deserve a break.”

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