Minnesota Woman Carrie Pernula Arrested For Threatening To Eat Neighbor’s Children

Carrie Pernula, of Champlin, Minnesota, was arrested on Friday, October 16, after she sent several unsettling messages to her neighbors threatening to eat their children. According to CBS Minnesota, the 38-year-old woman was arrested and admitted to sending the anonymous letters that said she wanted to taste and lick their kids.

Apparently, Pernula was upset that the two elementary school-aged children had been playing and leaving things in her yard. Therefore, she thought the best thing to do would be to threaten to have them for dinner. The first message came by way of mail on September 27. There were only two short sentences written on the letter: “The children look delicious. May I have a taste?”

Obviously upset and terrified, the parents decided to inform the authorities and contacted the Champlin Police Department to tell them about the letter they had received. They also posted on the Champlin Community Facebook page, explaining what had happened.

“Opened our mail today to this letter. Obviously my stomach started doing somersaults,” the message read in part.

Not long after, the neighbors started receiving magazine subscriptions. However, instead of a name and address on the label, the magazines had more bizarre messages.

“Instead of a name on the address label it said things like ‘tasty children’ along those lines,” Champlin Deputy Police Chief Ty Schmidt said.

“The original letter that was sent did say ‘the children look delicious may I have a taste.’ After that we received about a dozen free catalogs that she had signed us up for the companies mailing list,” Michelle Welch Yangwel wrote. “Those were addressed to ‘I want your children,’ ‘tasty children,’ ‘lick them children’ and ‘taste them children.’ That information was not made public in hopes of being able to track the sender which the Champlin police department was ultimately able to do.”

The Champlin Police Department was able to trace the magazines back to Pernula and placed her under arrest. She later admitted to making the threats towards her neighbor’s children, saying she was angry because the kids were always leaving things on her porch. However, Yangwel explained that her children never put anything on Pernula’s porch. She said the yard was a connecting townhouse yard, and Pernula was irritated and was putting stuff on their porch.

Minnesota Woman Carrie Pernula Arrested For Threatening To Eat Neighbors Children

“She was angry because the kids were leaving things in her yard and I think being a little noisy, being kids, the way kids are,” Schmidt said.

Pernula was released from jail on Monday and is believed to be back at her home. She has not been charged, and the Champlin city attorney is currently reviewing her case. The neighborhood where Pernula lives is full of families with children, all of which were terrified when the news of the threats started spreading rapidly through social media.

Readers have mixed views on the incident with some saying Pernula has mental health issues, and others saying Yangwel should teach her children some respect.

“Yea cuz leaving creepy and horrifying notes is way more normal than talking to your neighbors about their kids leaving stuff on your porch…this woman needs some mental help,” one Facebook user wrote.

“While I think this was extreme and a little bit odd, teach your kids to be respectful and to not irritate other people. Why were neighbor kids putting things on this lady’s porch???” another user wrote. “She just wants to come home and have peace and quiet – not bored neighbor kids whose parents let them run around and annoy people and go onto others property when they are clearly not wanted there.”

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