Man Wins $10k For Having World’s Ugliest Face [PHOTOS]

A man in China has officially been recognized as having the ugliest face in the world and had the pleasure of winning a cool $10k in the process.

Tang Shuquan of Chengdu City, China, has spent many years mastering the technique to create the ugliest faces known to man. Through a process of contorting and manipulating his face, Tang was able to impress judges and win the contest.

Known as ‘gurning’, Shuquan is an expert at contorting his face to the extent that he can take his jaw and lift it up and over his lips until it is almost covering his nose. This particular grimace is the one that netted the man his $10,000 and 1st prize.

Known as the ‘King of Deformed Faces’ by the chinese media, Shuquan has been practicing his contorting for over 10 years. After competing in the Guinness Book of World Records competition in Italy in March, Tang was finally officially awarded the medal this past Wednesday along with his cash prize.

This Chinese man is so confident in his abilities to be the best at his profession that he is offering up prize money of his own to challenge anyone that will dare compete against him. Offering $15,000, this 43 year-old man giving anyone the opportunity to step up to the plate and see if they can take down the reigning champion.

As you can see below, Tang Shuquan looks like your average guy with his black-rimmed glasses sitting comfortably on his nose.

However if you give him the chance to show you otherwise you might just get the surprise of your life.