Donald Trump Supporters Still Immensely Dislike Fox News’ Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly still aren’t fans of each other. And fans of Donald Trump aren’t fans of Megyn Kelly. It all started after the Republican presidential debate in August when Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump some intense questions about the way he talks about women.

At the time, the Washington Examiner reported on what Trump thought about Megyn Kelly.

“Trump complained specifically about Fox anchor Megyn Kelly’s question about derogatory statements Trump has made about women. ‘I thought it was an unfair question,’ Trump said.”

Megyn Kelly Fox News

For the past couple of weeks, Megyn Kelly has been brutal towards Donald Trump. First she predicted his demise and then she did a “special” analysis of polls to show how Trump was allegedly fading. She also had commenters such as Marc Thiessen and Chris Stirewalt on her show disparaging Trump. His fans are completely sick of it. In an article published by Fortune about the Trump/Kelly conflict, many of the commenters spoke out against Kelly.

“Missy Kelly is full of…. Of course, we know what motivated her to read on those remarks pulled out of context for the benefit of embarrassing Trump. As if we don’t know that the big boss of Fox News and the sponsor of the debate are well known supporters of Hillary, says commenter “WhoisJ.G.?”

“Megan’s skills at being a reporter were overestimated by Fox,” comments Txholdemsdarlin.

Twitter is filled with disparaging comments about Megyn Kelly from Trump fans.

However, Megyn Kelly still has some supporters.

According to Breitbart, Donald Trump has asked his supporters to stop watching The Kelly File on Fox News.

“Apparently, the feud between Donald Trump and Fox News has now morphed into one where Trump can say whatever he wants and Fox News will still allow him to come on the network to pitch his case to voters. Case in point: Sunday afternoon, Trump told his supporters to stop watching Megyn Kelly’s primetime show.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is doing very well without Megyn Kelly’s support. According to ABC News, Trump leads the Republican presidential field in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, not only in vote preferences but in expectations as well. According to their poll, Trump leads the Republican presidential race by 32 percent. Ben Carson follows by 22 percent.

It seems like Donald Trump is unstoppable. Despite every effort by the left and some on the right, he is standing tall. Even those who don’t necessarily like Trump admire him for not standing down to anyone or anything. Could it be that many think Trump has the qualities of a leader that our country needs? What do you think of Donald Trump? Let us know in the comments section.

[Feature photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]