‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Contestants: Unofficial Cast List For Ben Higgins’ Season Leaked

It’s still a while before The Bachelor 2016 premieres on ABC, but there are plenty of scoops to go around until that time. Over the last few months, some names have been leaked as to who’ll be on the show looking for love. It’s challenging for sleuths to learn which ladies will be on the show with producers doing their best to cloak everything in secrecy. It doesn’t always work, however.

As hard as the network executives may try to prevent their biggest surprises from getting out, it’s been proven time and time again that they can’t conceal everything. This is especially true with the reality show’s cast members. Social media has made it virtually impossible for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to film the show without spies everywhere snapping photos and stalking rumored contestants.

Somehow, Caila Quinn got the scoop over at Okay! Here is the Situation and broke it all down. Quinn listed the names, ages, and professions of the women who’ll be on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor.

This is a partial list that will continue to be updated whenever new names emerge. The unofficial cast list for The Bachelor 2016 is listed here with contestants in alphabetical order by first name.

Amanda Stanton, 29, is from Orange County, California. This Bachelor contestant runs a health and wellness website and is a mother to two young daughters.

Amber James, 30, comes from Chicago, Illinois, and works as a bartender. She returns to the franchise after competing as one of The Bachelor contestants on Chris Soules’ season.

Becca Tilley, 26, is from San Diego, California. This is her second run as a Bachelor contestant after appearing on Chris Soules’ season, too.

Breanne Rice, 30, arrives on the show from Seattle, Washington. This Bachelor cast member is a “Holistic Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.”

Caila Quinn, 23, is from Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. There weren’t any concrete details regarding what her career is.

Emily Ferguson (Photo Credit: Emily Ferguson/Twitter).
Haley Ferguson (Photo Credit: Haley Ferguson/Twitter).

Emily Ferguson, 23, joins The Bachelor 2016 cast from Las Vegas, Nevada. Emily is the twin sister to fellow contestant Haley Ferguson. She worked as a cocktail waitress. Fun fact: She’s 20 minutes older than Haley.

Haley Ferguson, 23, is also from Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s the twin sister to Emily Ferguson and has also worked as a cocktail waitress.

Jen Saviano, 25, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Bachelor 2016 contestant runs an online clothing store.

JoJo Fletcher (Photo Credit: Ben Patton/Instagram).

Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher, 25, is from Dallas, Texas. She recently started up her own real estate development business. As this Inquisitr article notes, “JoJo” is the early favorite to be The Bachelorette 2016 lead.

Jubilee Sharpe, 24, is from Miami, Florida. The unofficial cast member has done some modeling, but not much else is known about her.

Lace Morris, 25, is from Denver, Colorado. She works as a real estate broker.

Lauren Barr, 23, comes from Stillwater, Oklahoma. Barr is a buyer for a fashion boutique.

Lauren Bushnell, 25, is from Los Angeles, California, and works as a flight attendant.

Lauren Himle (Photo Credit: Facebook).

Lauren Himle, 25, is a contestant from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She works as an elementary school teacher.

Leah Block (Photo Credit: Adam Block/Instagram).

Leah Block, 25, is from Denver, Colorado, and works as an events coordinator.

Olivia Caridi (Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot)

Olivia Caridi, 23, comes from Virginia. The Bachelor 2016 contestant is the rumored “villainess” for this season. She works as a broadcast journalist. A lot has already been written about this Bachelor contestant on the show.

Rachel Tchen, 24, is from Little Rock, Arkansas. She works in business development.

Those are the 17 contestants that make The Bachelor 2016 cast list so far. Viewers can be sure that they’ll see more names as sources relay them.

The Bachelor 2016 premieres in January on ABC.

[Photo Credit: The Bachelor/Twitter]