Al Capone: AHC’S ‘Natural Born Outlaws’ Transports Viewers Back To 1920’s Chicago In New TV Series

Al Capone, the infamous Chicago mob boss of the 1920’s, will be the intro episode to a new tv series called Natural Born Outlaws that will air on American Heroes Channel (AHC). AHC announced the coming series months ago.With the slew of crime documentaries and books on the case, many people may already know the story of Al Capone. But American Heroes Channel’s Natural Born Outlaws presents the case in a different way. Part of the documentary will have the traditional commentary by book writers, journalists, and experts on the case. The other part of the story will be told through a seemingly first-person account by an actor who will play Al Capone. In other words, the Al Capone character will tell his own story, and he will do so in a very intriguing way. Natural Born Outlaws will last for one hour and will include the story of a different person each week. In addition to Al Capone, look for stories on Machine Gun Kelly and Bonnie and Clyde, according to Press Discovery.


When Prosecutor Billy McSwiggin was found dead, Al Capone was the one of the first suspects on the list. And the fact that he left town immediately after McSwiggin’s murder didn’t help things, either. Determined to nail Al Capone, police officials launched a relentless manhunt for him all over the U.S., Canada, and Italy.

Capone disappeared for about three months before finally deciding to return home and speak with police. To tell his side of the story, he called an infamous press conference, where reporters, journalists, and law enforcement officials all gathered to see what the notorious gangster had to say. As cameras flashed, Al Capone stood up straight and told the press that he had nothing to do with the murder of Billy McSwiggin. Not only that, he told the public that Billy McSwiggin was on his payroll, and that he had no reason to want to kill him. This shocked America to know that a supposedly law-abiding prosecutor would be on the payroll of a big time gangster, such as Capone. But even more shocking was the fact that ol’ Al would make such an admission.

Al Capone’s statement did two things: It let everyone in town know that he was the man, and it also let them know that he was not to be messed with—just in case they didn’t know. The press conference was strange because most gangsters would have wanted to keep a low profile while things were hot. But not Capone, and this was only one of the many things that made him stand out among all the others. As for the murder of Billy McSwiggin, law enforcement officials didn’t have enough evidence against him. Until this day, his murder is shrouded in mystery.

Capone was a brutal mob boss who would take anyone out for disrespecting him. Despite all of his success, money, and power, it was a simple tax evasion charge that ended his career. After being sentenced to over a decade in prison, Al Capone became an exemplary prisoner in Alcatraz prison. After his release, he lived out the rest of his days with illness, until he finally died of cardiac arrest in 1947.


[Image via American Heroes Channel/YouTube]