‘Scandal’ Season 5 Spoilers — Will Fitz’s Affair With Olivia Pope Get Him Impeached? [Episode 5 Preview]

With everything that has happened so far in this season of Scandal, President Fitz has certainly had his hands full. From negotiating with Congress and fulfilling his duties as Commander in Chief to dealing with highly publicized personal life, Fitz has been working hard this season to make sure his public image is left intact. With that in mind, what does the coming episode have in store for the president?

According to Spoiler TV, things aren’t going to get any better for Fitz in Episode 5. In fact, the synopsis for the episode states that Fritz will make a very surprising discovery as he continues to mend his public image while making attempts to appease Congress.

Additionally, ABC has released a few sneak peek videos for the coming episode, which show that Fitz is facing some serious charges as he is advised to seek legal council in light of his impeachment proceedings. While Fitz is adamant that he hasn’t done anything wrong, the preview makes it clear just how serious the situation has become.

In fact, not only does Fitz have to worry about being impeached and possibly removed from office, but he may even be faced with some jail time. In the video, Fitz is told that he needs to hire a lawyer since his fate is now in the hands of Congress, who will ultimately decide whether or not he has done anything worthy of impeachment. How Fitz handles the situation and who he decides to hire to help him out of should be determined in the coming episode.

At the same time, the next installment of Scandal may see Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) uncover new ways to defend herself. As fans may recall, Olivia is still feeling the fallout from the news that she is having an affair with Fitz. In particular, things have turned nasty for Olivia, as the media has started to really dig into her personal life, interviewing anyone and everyone she has known in the past.

Olivia Pope is forced to defend her character in the next episode of Scandal.[Image via ABC]

Although Olivia is a pro at handling situations like this, the heightened scrutiny that has been placed on her life is reaching a tipping point. With that in mind, how does Olivia handle all this pressure being brought on her by the media? According to CarterMatt, she will be seeking help from a rather surprising source in order to resolve her current problems.

Although it hasn’t been revealed who Olivia calls on for support, it will be interesting to find out how, and if, she manages to get out of her predicament. With Fitz facing a possible impeachment, it is anyone’s guess how things will turn out as the couple struggles to move on with their lives.

Elsewhere, while Fitz and Olivia handle their own set of problems brought on by their highly publicized affair, they will both have more enemies to deal with other than the media. In fact, both Mellie and Cyrus are set to continue their plans to use the situation for their own gains. Exactly what this entails is not known, but it certainly won’t make things easier for Fitz and Olivia.

Mellie and Cyrus continue to scheme on Scandal. [Image via ABC]

Additionally, in the midst of all that is happening in the White House, Jake is haunted by a dark secret from his past.

Will Olivia and Fitz ever be able to get past the controversy surrounding their affair? Will Fitz be able to prevent the impeachment proceedings from turning ugly and avoid possible jail time? Fans will have to tune in to find out when Episode 5 of Scandal, “You Got Served,” airs October 22 on ABC.

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Check out a preview of the next all-new episode of Scandal.

[Image via ABC]