October 21, 2015
Lamar Odom 911 Calls Reveal That Prostitutes Knew He Had Taken Cocaine On Saturday While Staying At The Love Ranch Brothel

Lamar Odom was found unconscious in the Love Ranch brothel in Nevada after allegedly going on a multiple day drug and alcohol bender. The former NBA star paid $75,000 to gain 24/7 access to two prostitutes by the name of Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe. It was the two high-priced women that found Odom unconscious in the VIP suite and called for help. Despite the fact that the owner of the Love Ranch, Dennis Hof, claims the establishment is drug-free, the 911 call paints a different picture of Lamar's stay, with one caller noting that Odom had consumed cocaine just the day before.

The Daily Mail reports that Lamar Odom's condition is improving and that he is being transferred to Cedars-Sinai hospital in California via medical helicopter. Odom's estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, was reportedly by his side as he rode in the helicopter to the new hospital. Odom's story made headlines after his downfall was allegedly the result of drugs. However, initial reports by the brothel claimed that Odom had only taken herbal Viagra supplements, and no illegal drugs to their knowledge. However, newly released 911 calls show that those initial claims were false, and that at least one woman at the Love Ranch brothel knew about Odom using cocaine during his stay.

During the 911 call, a person can be heard speaking with women at the brothel as they asked about any drugs or pills that Odom may have taken during his stay. They claim the herbal Viagra, claiming Odom took 10 of the pills over his three day stay. However, a woman in the background can also be heard telling the man on the phone that Odom also consumed cocaine on Saturday. The cocaine admission came in during the third 911 call about the Lamar Odom incident. Listen to the 911 calls below.

Despite the fact that the 911 call clearly details Odom's cocaine use just a day prior to being found unconscious, directly following the incident Dennis Hof, the Love Ranch brothel owner, claims that Odom did not use any drugs on the premises to his knowledge. In fact, he told Us Weekly that "there was no sign of drugs."

"There was no sign of drugs at all except he was taking herbal viagra."
Moonlite bunny ranch
Dennis Hof with girls from his brothel Bunny Ranch. (Image via Moonlite Bunny Ranch)

Therefore, it appears that Hof was unaware of the cocaine admission in the 911 call or was trying to ensure there was no liability that would fall on the Love Ranch for the illegal drug use. After learning of the on-premise cocaine use, Hof is now claiming that he was not aware of the drug allegations until much later. In fact, he is now pinning the drug problems on the two prostitutes, Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe. Hof claims that the pair are refusing to answer his questions regarding how the former NBA player got the drugs into the brothel, so he is "suspicious."

"They will not answer questions about Lamar or possible drug use while he was here. I'm suspicious."
The Love Ranch owner says that he is so suspicious of the prostitute's involvement in the drug charges that he is refusing to pay them their earnings.
"Mr. Hof had intended to split the $75,000 Lamar supposedly shelled out with the girls, meaning they each would have earned $18,750, and Dennis would have walked with $37,500."
What do you think about the claims that some of the prostitutes at the Love Ranch brothel knew about Lamar Odom's drug use? If they are responsible for providing Odom with the drugs, should charges be filed against the establishment?

[Photo by Michael Buckner / Getty Images]