Teacher Forgets Students Name, Calls Him ‘Black Boy’ [VIDEO]

A math teacher at a Waterbury, Connecticut middle school has been placed on administrative leave after forgetting a student’s name and instead calling him “black boy.”

Kathleen Pyles was in the middle of a lesson when she called a student by the wrong name. When the student corrected the teacher, Pyles responded with “How about black boy? Go sit down black boy.”

When the student’s parents learned about the incident, they immediately reported it to the school, prompting them to place the teacher on administrative leave.

Bringing the issue to the Board of Education, parents and the NAACP spoke out against the teacher calling for her to be released from her position at North End Middle School.

“I couldn’t believe it, it was shocking to hear a professional like that, say something like that in a room full of students,” former NAACP President Jimmie Griffin told WTNH. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Waterbury Public Schools COO Paul Guidone tells WFSB that “appropriate action” will be taken after all of the details are sorted through and the students claims are confirmed.

“We wish to assure parents that we take this allegation very seriously,” Guidone said. “We do not tolerate or condone the claimed behavior from our staff.”

The issue certainly has parents clamoring for immediate action, with one parent saying that “as a parent of two students in the Waterbury School district, I was shocked and outraged.”

“The issue needs to be addressed, it doesn’t need to be swept under the table by the teacher’s union,” Parent James Monroe adds.

I just hope we can move forward,” Monroe said. “A lot of people want her fired, and that is kind of tough and I will go along with whatever the board recommends.”

There is no word on how long the investigation of Kathleen Pyles will last.

Do you think that this middle school teacher should be fired for her actions?