Startling Masked Figure Threatens President Barack Obama In Message Sent In Binary Code, ‘You Have One Year Or Less’

Warning: Turn speaker volume down before watching video.

A creepy figure in a dark robe and plague doctor mask appears to be threatening President Barack Obama in a message that was written in binary code, claiming he is “already dead.” The strange footage shows the figure standing silently as noises play in the background. However, it isn’t just the death threat written in binary code that has some social media users claiming this is a real threat, there are also numerous other hidden messages throughout the video, including the masked figure’s Morse code message sent via a light device in his palm, along with hidden images throughout the video, sometimes only lasting for a single frame. Reddit users claim that if a spectrogram, an instrument which gives a visual representation of sound, is used to decipher the strange sounds in the video, it creates a picture of what looks to be a woman being tortured and threats against Obama.

The Daily Mail reports that the strange video is taking the internet by storm, with many noting that the video is either a cryptic death threat, a well-executed Halloween prank, or an extremely creative marketing strategy for an upcoming film or television show. The video, which features the figure in a dark robe and plague doctor mask, is being heavily analyzed by the Reddit community as the internet sleuths try to decode all of the hidden messages in the short film.

According to the Daily Dot, the video was most recently uploaded by GadgetZZ, who claims the video was sent to them in the mail and arrived in DVD format. They then uploaded the puzzling video to their social media accounts to try and decode some of the mystery. GadgetZZ says the video arrived with a stamp from Poland, but no further clues as to who actually sent the strange DVD. On the disc there was lettering that read “YWEldTAxMDJVJXU,” followed by “wVWFjZ2E=” below.

Viral Video

However, as the Daily Dot found out, this wasn’t the first time the video was found on a DVD and uploaded to the internet. The first time the video made an appearance online, it was uploaded by a user named AETBX to YouTube. When the publication reached out to AETBX, the user claims that the video was sent to him on DVD after a girl found it in a park outside of Spain and turned it over to him for evaluation. He then shared it online, as the message seemed damning. The video was titled in binary code, which translated to Spanish. The translation read “Te queda 1 año menos,” which means “You have one year left, or less.”

As Reddit users have claimed, the threat seems to be against President Barack Obama, as hidden GPS code in the video is the exact location of the White House. Users claim the video seems to indicate a virus or biological attack of some sort, as the plague mask and the mention of a “virus” prove. Additional clues in the video include the use of a spectrogram to decode the strange background sounds, which users claim show a woman being tortured and references to death. Other image clues appear throughout the video that last just a frame or two before disappearing. The message allegedly tells viewers to kill the president, and claims he is “already dead.”

masked video

However, not everyone is convinced the video is a legitimate threat. Others claim it could be a well thought out Halloween prank, or even a marketing strategy for an upcoming movie or television series. In fact, some have claimed there are two very likely candidates if the video is, in fact, a marketing ploy. One candidate for a marketing tactic is the film Inferno, which is based on the Dan Brown book of the same name. The story revolves around a character who must decode mysteries to save the world from a biological plague.

Youtube threat video

The other candidate presented by internet sleuths is the idea it is a marketing video for the Syfy series, 12 Monkeys. As pointed out by readers, the Syfy series follows a time traveler who has come back in time to stop a deadly plague from destroying humanity. However, a character in the film strongly resembles the masked man in black from the new strange viral threat video.

What do you think? Is the video a real threat to the President of the United States, or is it a really well done marketing video or hoax?

[Image via YouTube screenshot]