Leah Messer Loses Custody Of Her 5-Year-Old Twins: Corey Simms Awarded Primary Custody ‘Effective Immediately’ [Report]

Leah Messer has reportedly lost custody of her 5-year-old twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. Following a dramatic sixth season of Teen Mom 2, in which Leah Messer was accused of using drugs and being a bad parent, her ex-husband, Corey Simms, has reportedly been awarded primary custody of their two children.

Corey Simms “was awarded primary custody, effective immediately” on Tuesday, October 13, a source revealed to In Touch Weekly on October 21. “[Leah Messer] only gets the girls on the weekends now.”

Simms initially filed for full custody of his twins in 2014, and since then, Leah Messer’s behavior has reportedly worsened.

“[Leah Messer]’s really been screwing up since then, so Corey took her back to court. The judge looked at the girls’ school records, which show that they’ve been late for school, and made the change in custody.”

During season six of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer appeared to be completely overwhelmed with her responsibilities as both a parent and a wife. In one instance, Leah Messer was seen driving a car that was so packed full of her belongings that her daughters actually had to fight back against the items as she drove. Messer was later seen arriving at her home around 10 p.m. with the twins, who had school the very next day, and feeding them dinner after 11 p.m. before putting them to bed at midnight. Leah Messer was also accused of hiding a drug problem by Simms and an addiction issue by Jeremy Calvert, her second husband, who divorced her a short while later.Although Leah Messer has denied rumors of drug use, she seemed to nearly pass out while holding her brother’s baby during an episode of the show, which led to quite a lot of questions and a backlash from fans. Leah Messer’s ex-husbands, Simms and Calvert, also spoke to one another during the show, claiming they were both afraid for their children due to Messer’s alleged “prescription pill problem.”

After an episode of Teen Mom 2 aired, in which Simms and his wife, Miranda, accused Leah Messer of using drugs, Simms took to Twitter, where he explained why he was convinced she was hiding a problem.

“Idk why I’m tweeting this because I honestly do not care what people think or what they say about me but anyways. There is a reason for everything that Miranda and myself have said or done. We simply want the girls to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. There is a lot of things that has been told to us by very close members of her family that lead us to believe the things being told are very much true. If we didn’t care about the girls or the situation we would obviously not have anything to say or do about it.”

Around the time of his and Leah Messer’s court hearing, Simms deleted his Twitter account, and he hasn’t returned to social media since.

Leah Messer has not yet spoken out about losing custody of her children. Instead, she recently tweeted about spending “quality time” with the girls, including her third child, 2-year-old Adalynn.

Leah Messer and the cast of Teen Mom 2 wrapped filming on season six weeks ago and had reportedly begun filming season seven in the last few weeks. According to a report by Radar Online, Teen Mom 2 season seven will air on MTV sometime next year.

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