October 19, 2016
Vicki Gunvalson On Brooks Ayers Going After Her And Briana Culberson: 'Laywers Are Involved'

It seems that Meghan King Edmonds is not the only Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Brooks Ayers is in a legal fight with. On Wednesday, Brooks' very own ex-girlfriend, Vicki Gunvalson, said that lawyers are involved when it comes to Brooks talking about her and her daughter, Briana Culberson, to the media. Vicki's revelation comes just as Briana has revealed that Brooks is threatening to sue her.

On Wednesday, Vicki posted a photo of herself hanging out with a close friend in a restaurant.

Vicki's photo prompted many people to comment on what they have seen on Real Housewives, especially when it comes to her ex. One viewer commented that it looked as if Vicki knew that she was going to be crucified by her co-stars at the Season 10 reunion show, part one of which aired on Monday night. Vicki's response to that comment bashed her co-stars. She wrote that her co-stars just wanted to take the focus off of them.

"Nice 'friends' huh? I actually I was so desensitized because no matter what any of them would say it wasn't going to upset me. I don't care what they think anymore! They wanted the focus off 'them.' So staged and childish."

The same viewer later told Vicki to just stop doing the show because the other housewives are going to ridicule her on future seasons for her involvement with Brooks and use Brooks' actions and words against her. The viewer told Vicki to concentrate on rebuilding her relationship with Briana and grieving for her mom instead of continuing on with a show that's shattering her reputation, even if it means that she will no longer be the "OG of the OC." The viewer also told Vicki that she looked like a shell of a person at the reunion show. Lastly, the viewer told Vicki that she should legally fight back against Brooks for bashing her and her daughter in interviews.

"Brass balls up Vicky," the viewer advised.

Vicki Gunvalson admitted that she was checked out of the reunion show. She said that she was just waiting for it to be over. As for her relationship with Briana Culberson, whom she called a "s**t stirrer" intent on doing and saying whatever to destroy Brooks Ayers on the season finale episode, Vicki said that it's amazing. What may be most surprising to the show's viewers is what Vicki said regarding Brooks. Vicki wrote that "lawyers are involved" so she can't talk about it in detail.

"I absolutely was checked out. I was counting down the hours till it was over. My daughter and I are amazing. Lawyers are involved and I can't speak about it in detail. All will be ok in time. Thanks for your concerns."

Does this mean that Vicki had her lawyer send a letter to Brooks demanding that he stop talking about her and Briana in interviews? Brooks recently did an interview with E! News in which he talked about Vicki and Briana. During his interview, he revealed that he and Vicki went to a reality TV couples relationship counselor before he decided to call off the relationship. He said that both he and Vicki are dating other people. Brooks also said that Briana never gave him a chance and that he thinks that she has "Daddy issues."

On Wednesday, Radar Online reported that Briana wrote her on her private Facebook page that Brooks is threatening to sue her.

"Just found out my mom's creepy ex boyfriend wants to sue me...He's done worse sh*t that's never even been exposed on the show. He's a loser.... He's nuts!... All that matters is... he is GONE!...he can't wait to destroy me...Bring it tool!"

A sneak peek of part two of the reunion show, which will air this coming Monday, shows that viewers will see Briana sitting next to Vicki and talking about Brooks Ayers. Briana drops the bombshell that Brooks hit on her, when she was pregnant, at her mom's birthday party and that he wanted to show her his penis, which he calls by the nickname "Girth Brooks."

Viewers may see much more of Briana Culberson on future seasons of The Real Housewives of Orange County. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki Gunvalson recently expressed agreement with a viewer who tweeted that Briana should be a starring housewife on the show.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Image]