Jason Thompson Of ‘General Hospital’ Is Said To Be Exiting Soap, Actor Has Supposedly Chosen Not To Renew Contract

Fans may be in for a shock as rumor has it that Jason Thompson has decided not to renew his contract on General Hospital, and therefore will be checking out of the long-time soap. There have been rumors that this may happen, but viewers have been holding their breath hoping that this just stays a rumor.

However, according to Soap Shows, it is being reported that Thompson has opted to leave the daytime drama that he has been a huge part of his life since 2005. His contract is almost up, and it is being said that he has chosen to not renew.

Jason Thompson began his run on General Hospital as the suave playboy son of Noah Drake, who irritated the heck out of Dr. Robin Scorpio. The two ended up with one of the most romantic love stories in the show’s history of soap couples. They are not together anymore, as actress Kimberly McCullough has left the show to do other projects. Many had hoped that she would be back to resume their relationship, but that hasn’t happened.

It may be that Jason wants to also pursue other projects. He certainly has the acting chops to go outside of the soap world to do whatever he wants to do. There are even other soaps who would love to grab him up.

Daytime Confidential had reported last month that Jason Thompson was seriously thinking of not renewing his contract, but that was just talk. Now that a tidbit in the latest issue of Soaps in Depth said that he is leaving his role on GH, it looks like it really may be true after all.

Why would the 39-year-old actor want to leave? Even though Thompson is a talented part of the daytime crew, many feel that his talent is being wasted on boring story lines. With his character’s current romance with Sam Morgan, it looks like that will be messed up when Sam learns that husband Jason is still alive. Sam and Patrick are planning a wedding soon, but since she is expected to get back with Jason Morgan, poor Patrick will end up alone and brokenhearted once again.

Since his wife Robin left Port Charles, the man just can’t catch a break when it comes to keeping a woman. In fact, it seems that the best female relationships he has had has been with his daughter, Emma, played by young actress Brooklyn Rae Silzer. Is she also leaving the show if Thompson exits? That could very well be, unless Grandmother Anna Devane decides to keep the little girl with her. It would be heartbreaking to lose both father and daughter, as fans adore little Emma Drake as well.

Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

If Jason Thompson is really leaving the show, his character may just be recast. There was a casting call recently for a new doctor who will eventually be introduced. Could they be replacing him, or is this a brand new character for the show?

Jason Thompson

This piece of news will be heartbreaking for many fans who have loved watching Jason as Dr. Drake. His 10-year stint has made him one of the leading men of daytime television, and viewers will certainly miss him.

There has not been anything officially announced by the actor or by General Hospital, so this is basically hearsay until that happens. If Dr. Drake does exit completely, it will be interesting to see if the writers have him and Emma reunite with Robin eventually.

What are your thoughts on Jason Thompson choosing to leave General Hospital? Would you be okay with having Patrick Drake as a recast if this happens?

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