Plague Doctor Masked Figure Threatens To Kill President Obama In Creepy Video? [Watch]

A masked figure in a grainy video has issued death threats against President Barack Obama. The viral video is making the rounds online and sparking a flurry of comments and predictions. The black-and-white video features a man wearing a creepy medieval-type “plague doctor mask” and a black robe.

The Obama death threat video also contains a multitude of cryptic messages, according to a Daily Mail report. Sinister sounding noise plays in the background as the mysterious figure in the plague doctor mask and robe stands eerily silent.

A binary code title written in Spanish has been translated and reportedly means “death.” Beneath the code is another encrypted message, which reads, “You have one year or less.”

Some of those who have reviewed the plague doctor video say the death threat is made against President Obama and the United States. GPS coordinates buried in the footage reportedly relate to the location of the White House. Coded messages also reportedly say, “Kill the president.”

The use of the plague doctor mask has led some to believe that the viral death threat video is hinting that a “virus” or biological attack is coming. Additional cryptographic clues in the two-minute video are said to be visible for only a single frame before they disappear from view.

The masked plague doctor appears to have placed a flashlight of some type inside his glove and is using the brightness to send a message in Morse Code. Gadgetzz, a Swedish technology blog, revealed that they received the death threat video in DVD format anonymously from an individual in Poland.

Some viewers of the viral video claim to have shared photos from what they maintain is a spectrogram from the footage. A spectrogram is an instrument that creates a visual representation of sound. The image from the video allegedly appears to show a woman being tortured.

The text displayed above the image of a bound and gagged woman reads, “We are the anti-virus.” Another analysis from the sound menu of the original DVD allegedly shows a spectrogram image of a human skull and the words, “You are already dead.”


Symbols in the video that appear on a brick wall behind the plague doctor figure appear to show the letter “G” at the center of an eye. The Morse Code message has reportedly been translated to read, “Red Lipslike Tenth.” When the letters are re-arranged, they spell, “Kill the president.”

A second flashing light message near the end of the video reportedly reads, “2015 THERE WILL BE THREE”

While some are concerned that the video is a valid death threat posed by a terrorist group or a crazed killer, others feel it is merely a Halloween prank.

Others believe the creepy footage could the video a part of a viral marketing campaign for the soon-to-be-released thriller Inferno. The film is based on a book by the same name written by Dan Brown. The main character in the book is tasked with unraveling a series of codes to stop a biological plague which could kill off a significant portion of the global population.

What do you think about the plague doctor video? Is it just a Halloween prank, clever movie promotion, or a threat to unleash a virus on the president and the American people?

[Image via Video Screengrab]