‘Dance Moms’ Star Welcomes Baby Boy: Kira Girard’s Baby Jett Joins Family

Dance Moms star Kira Girard has welcomed her healthy baby boy at last. The show’s fans knew that baby Jett was due to be born any minute now, and it looks like the family’s big addition has finally arrived. What’s the scoop?

Kira Girard, mom of Dance Moms star Kalani Hilliker, shared late Tuesday night that she and her fiancé, David Newman, were at the hospital and ready to welcome little Jett Newman. They were, of course, excited — and clearly fans were too. The post garnered nearly 30,000 likes and more than 1,600 comments in less than 12 hours.

Though Kira had clearly been ready and anxious to welcome little Jett, she had not yet gone past due. Just hours before heading to the hospital, the Dance Moms star had posted a belly bump photo on Instagram with a bit of an update.

Kira indicated that she was almost to the 38-week point of the pregnancy and that she expected the baby would come soon. She also joked that if he waited another week that would feel like much too long. It seems that Jett was happy to cooperate and make his big appearance.

Dance Moms fans may have to wait a little bit yet for specifics, but shortly after the hospital Instagram post, Kira tweeted the big news. At 12:19 a.m. Wednesday morning, she shared that Jett had arrived, and both baby and mama were doing well. She has not yet shared Jett’s weight or any photos, but show fans are thrilled to know that all went well.

What does Kira’s family addition mean for Kalani’s future on Dance Moms? As show fans know, Kalani and her family are based in Arizona, and naturally, Kira won’t be traveling with Jett during these early newborn days.

Luckily, however, that does not mean that Kalani will not be on Season 6 of the show. Filming of the new season is taking place now, with Dance Moms spoilers detailing that Abby Lee Miller and the girls are based in Los Angeles again for the first part of this new season.

Though Kalani seemingly is not involved in the first competition of Season 6, she is still a member of the Abby Lee Dance Company for this new season, and she is filming. The “Dance Moms Updates” Instagram account shared a photo of Kalani at ALDC in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and Kalani will be in the mix of things. As fans know from past seasons, all of the girls have their times when they are back home or working on other projects, and Season 6 for Kalani will be no different.

It seems that with Kira unable to travel with Kalani during the Season 6 filming, Melissa Gisoni is taking care of the teen, notes the “Dance Moms Spoilers” Instagram page. As show fans know, Melissa is Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler’s mom.

Many fans had worried that perhaps Kira and Kalani would leave the show, after some tense moments last season with Abby and the impending arrival of Jett. However, it appears that they figured out a way to juggle everything and make it work.

The ALDC and Season 6 got off to a great start in their first competition, but that does not mean there will not be plenty of drama ahead in these new episodes. Dance Moms are buzzing about the news that Abby Lee Miller is facing charges of fraud, as People noted, related to a prior bankruptcy case she filed. Though it may not be addressed on the show, Miller could be facing jail time on this one.

Season 6 of Dance Moms is expected to premiere this winter, likely in early January, 2016. Fans cannot wait to see pictures of Kira Girard’s new baby boy, Jett, and hear more about how Kalani Hilliker’s family is doing with the new addition.

[Image via Kira Girard / Instagram]