Liam Payne Gets Sick Again, New One Direction Concert Date Set

Fans may forget that Liam Payne was sick the week before he canceled his Belfast, Ireland, concert with One Direction — but things are on the mend, and the concert has been rescheduled. As if to say sorry, One Direction has also released a new video.

TheMirror reported on October 15 that Liam Payne had to cancel an awards ceremony with Attitude Magazine to receive a trophy for being the sexiest man. About the incident, Liam Payne said he was “gutted” to miss the awards ceremony — but was feeling under the weather that day.

Less than a week later, fans were destroyed when Liam Payne had to cancel the October 20 One Direction concert because he had fallen ill — once again.

About the cancellation of the Belfast One Direction concert at SSE Arena, the BBC reported the following on October 21.

“The cancellation announcement was made at about 21:00 BST, when most of the audience was already inside the venue. Disappointed fans booed as staff instructed them to leave the venue and one witness said ‘hundreds’ of girls and women had been left weeping.”

Sadly, it appears that Liam Payne was not the only sick One Direction member as of late. Along with Liam Payne, Niall Horan was also reported as sick, according to the Mirror. They claim that insiders report that Niall Horan cancelled a radio interview with U105 earlier on October 20 because he was not feeling well.

But did Niall Horan give Liam Payne a flu virus? It appears that was not the case. As of October 21, several insiders have told major news organizations that the cause of Liam Payne’s illness may have been food poisoning. Unfortunately, there are no current reports diagnosing Niall Horan’s illness on October 20 — and therefore no way to link his illness to Liam Payne’s.

Liam Payne falls ill, but sunnier days are ahead for him now that the illness has passed.

Although it was not considered a serious illness, Liam Payne tweeted an apology later, according to the Irish Independent. Allegedly, Liam Payne said he was “feeling much better now and I really can’t wait to perform and make it up to everyone later.”

Fans that were extremely distraught to hear that Liam Payne was sick enough to cancel a concert expressed their concerns on Twitter. E! Online reports that one Liam Payne fan wrote, “They’re all apologizing. It’s not like it’s their fault! They’re humans, they get sick, we all do! Health comes first. #GetWellSoonLiam.”

Less than a day later, the Daily Mail soothed the nerves of Liam Payne fans by breaking the news that he was officially doing better — and was ready to continue playing One Direction shows. They stated that Aiken Promotions released a statement saying, “Tonight’s and Tomorrow Night’s One Direction concerts in SSE Arena, Belfast will be going ahead as planned.”

Furthermore, the show that Liam Payne cancelled has been rescheduled for Friday, October 23, and fans that cannot attend are being offered a refund.

Liam Payne gets sick but One Direction reschedules the show as well as releases a new video for their song "Perfect".

In the meantime, as if they were offering an apology to all of the disappointed fans, Liam Payne and the One Direction gents have released a new video.

According to the Daily Mail, within the same period of time that Liam Payne cancelled their October 20 show, a video for their song, “Perfect,” hit the internet. “Perfect” is another single off of their upcoming November 13 release of Made in the A.M.

Set in NYC, the new 1D “Perfect” video shows Liam Payne and the guys give examples of “having fun in hotel rooms.”

Although it is unlikely that any hotel manager in the world would approve of many of their actions, Liam Payne shows what life is like for One Direction on tour by showing scenes of them in a hotel drinking tea together, getting dressed up, throwing paper wads at each other in the hotel kitchen, and playing with soccer balls in the lobby.

For One Direction trivia buffs, it can be noted that the “Perfect” video was likely filmed around August 29, since the video shows footage of Liam Payne getting his birthday tattoos.

However, despite the fact that Liam Payne says he’s “not good at making promises” in the new “Perfect” video — it is likely that his fans in Belfast won’t hold the October 20 cancellation against him. This is especially true since, as Harry Styles pointed out, that in five years of One Direction concerts — Belfast was their first cancellation.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]