Jane Kilcher of ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Speaks Out Against Haters

Jane Kilcher of Alaska: The Last Frontier is normally pretty quiet on her social networks. The viewers love hearing from her, but she just doesn’t share often. Today, Jane went to her Facebook page to speak out about why she doesn’t post often, and Jane even called out the haters. Jane is having a hard time dealing with all of the negative comments that she receives when she does post. It was great to hear from Jane again, though.

Jane went to her Facebook today and shared this long post about avoiding social networks.

“Sorry I do not post more… I really do not like all the negative comments… I am not fishing for compliments… Please respect that my kids are not on the show. I am not lazy… I am not incapable on the homestead… I cannot believe how internet trollers try to reach me or my family… It’s NOT RIGHT… Atz lee is beautiful but hurt… I am shocked by people that wish us harm like we are something we are not… More and more I want to stay in my bubble on the homestead and just have my privacy… Please understand the fans are great but the trollers are making it not a great. It’s funny to try hard and be your best and have people hate you… I feel I must take a break from Facebook and media comments… Love my family, love the show, just not the fodder over it”

It does sound like Jane Kilcher doesn’t have plans to come back to Facebook often. You may not hear very much more from her at all, but if you want to get to know her more, you can do that on Alaska: The Last Frontier. People are very harsh on the internet sometimes, and this is something that Jane just doesn’t like dealing with at all. The fans are being amazing to Jane Kilcher, responding by telling her what a great person she is and how she is an inspiration to them. Jane is getting great comments, and so hopefully this will help her realize that there are some great people on out there who don’t have negative things to say.

Her husband, Atz Lee Kilcher, was actually injured while hiking earlier this year. In Jane’s post, she mentioned that he is hurt and this is what she referring to. Kilcher recently gave an update to fans but simply said that he was still recovering and is not back to normal yet. Hopefully, it won’t be much longer and Atz Lee Kilcher will be back out working like normal before long. Atz Lee is just going through a hard time right now, and Jane doesn’t seem to appreciate people talking about it without knowing the full story.

Jane Kilcher of Alaska: The Last Frontier just recently got her own Instagram page. Actually, Jane hasn’t posted very much yet and has only simply shared two pictures with her fans. Jane may end up avoiding this site as well considering the way that people have been toward her lately. Everyone was excited to see what she had to say show them on Instagram and maybe this site would be easier for Jane since you don’t have to say much and just share photos for the most part.

Don’t miss new episodes of Alaska: The Last Frontier on Sunday nights on Discovery. This season, the Kilcher family is working hard to build a new homestead and tough it out through a time that was not near as cold as they are used to in Alaska. You would think that the Kilcher family would enjoy less snow and ice, but this is actually causing a lot of mud and making things difficult on the homestead.

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