‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Reacts, Alexis Spills The Beans, And Dante Scrambles

What can viewers expect from Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers indicate that viewers will see Sonny react to the news that he may not recover as he expected while Alexis reveals what she learned about baby Leo. Viewers will definitely want to check out this October 21 episode.

According to She Knows Soaps, Alexis will not keep the information she learned about Leo to herself. She managed to test the baby’s DNA, and it seems she is about to reveal the news to Julian. Olivia has been scrambling and telling lies on top of lies to keep this truth from Julian, but General Hospital spoilers indicate she is about to be exposed.

Celeb Dirty Laundry details that Julian will be stunned to learn that Olivia lied about the baby dying, and Alexis will work on talking him out of a loaded confrontation with Olivia. From the sounds of things, there is plenty more to come on this front soon.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s show, Sonny will not hold back on letting Patrick and Carly know what he overheard. He is not at all happy to hear that they are questioning his ability to fully recover from the shooting. General Hospital spoilers detail, however, that Patrick is not going to lie down and let Sonny tear into him.

It seems that Patrick will put a lot of the responsibility back onto Sonny, noting that Sonny has been rather unwilling to listen to his doctor. General Hospital spoilers note that this will be an emotional scene as Sonny comes to grips with the reality of his injuries and future.

Viewers will see more with Dante in this episode as well. Dante has been desperate to maintain his secret about having slept with Valerie, but Dillon knows the truth and is holding it over his head. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Lulu will question Dante about what Dillon knows, but Dante still won’t reveal the truth. Fans know this is going to explode soon, but just how will it all come out?

There is more in this show regarding Kiki as well. She has been struggling a great deal in the wake of Silas’ death, and she is back at the bar drunk and out of control once again. General Hospital spoilers share that she will call Franco to ask for a ride home, but that may interrupt some other big plans.

After a lot of dancing around, Nina and Franco are finally ready to get intimate with one another. It seems that Kiki may interrupt this romantic interlude, as Franco will surely run to Kiki’s rescue. Later, viewers will see Nina work on planning a dinner party with Maxie and Nathan, but she is out of her comfort zone. Kiki will step in to help, and GH fans will see everybody gather for dinner.

Apparently, Nina will step in to help keep things moving along with Dillon’s movie, seemingly per a request from Nathan. However, there is quite a bit more to come on this movie project and the complicated relationship dynamics tied into the project.

As the week continues, viewers will see more regarding Elizabeth, Jake, Sam, and Spinelli. This situation is about to blow up sky-high, and viewers cannot wait to see the drama play out over the next few weeks on General Hospital.

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