‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Steve Runs Into Trouble, Aiden Moves Ahead, And Sparks Fly For Nicole And Daniel

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday’s show indicate that there is a lot of action ahead that fans will not want to miss. Viewers watched on Tuesday as Aiden talked about a plan to get himself out of trouble, while Steve has been desperately searching for Bo to help bring him home. What is coming up in the October 21 show?

As We Love Soaps teases, Aiden will begin to move forward on the plan he formulated to kill Hope and get a hold of her insurance money to get himself out of trouble with the DiMeras. Though, of course, he ultimately will not succeed on this plan, working toward that end is sure to cause a lot of drama in Salem.

The Days of Our Lives spoiler preview for this week show bits of Aiden formulating his plan. It would appear that he intends to make it look as if Hope is killed by the Necktie Killer, a move that would shake things up in Salem on many levels.

Ultimately, fans can feel certain that Hope will not die, and it has been said that Aiden’s remaining days in Salem are limited. However, this plan is going to wreak havoc without a doubt, even if Aiden is not successful.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s episode, Steve runs into some significant problems as he returns to Mexico to try to find Bo. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Steve will end up crossing paths with some thugs, notes Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Steve will soon find Bo, but that does not mean it is the end of the trouble for these two. Days of Our Lives spoilers have indicated that Steve and Bo will be reunited this week, but they will also be held captive together. Next week, the two will talk about Hope’s wedding and make a big move to try to return home in time to stop Hope from marrying Aiden.

'Days of Our Lives' stars Shawn Christian and Ari Zucker

It seems there are some lighter moments ahead in Wednesday’s show, though, as well. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Nicole and Daniel will spend some time together, and the sparks will fly. After all of the stops and starts, could Nicole find love again with Daniel? A full-fledged romance may begin to flourish here, but fans should brace themselves for heartbreak ahead.

Days of Our Lives spoilers have already revealed that Shawn Christian will be leaving the role of Dr. Daniel Jonas at some point soon. She Knows Soaps shared that the rumors are that he will be killed off, but not necessarily by the Necktie Killer. Though a specific final air date is not yet known, it is believed that he will depart late this year or in early 2016.

While fans will have to wait and see just how Daniel leaves Salem, it seems he may be keeping busy with Nicole until then. Fans of Nicole will want to embrace these happy moments while they can, as she may be facing a difficult road in the months ahead, it seems.

There are still more big moments coming this week as Sonny departs Salem again, and Shawn shows up in town in preparation for Hope’s wedding. Fans know there is a lot more drama, adventure, and heartbreak ahead as the show’s big 50th anniversary is just around the corner. Viewers will not want to miss a minute of the action as it plays out over the coming weeks this fall on Days of Our Lives.

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