Adele Confirms New Album ’25’ & Claims It’s A ‘Make-Up Record’

Adele has been doing her best to keep her fans on the edge of their seats as far as news about her new album goes. Fans have been waiting quite some time now for some new music, or at least some news regarding her new music, and the Grammy award-winning singer has finally gifted fans with just that!

Adele took to social media early Wednesday morning to post a note to fans that not only confirmed new music but also gave fans some details around her new album which is rumored to be released sometime in the coming months!

Adele’s statement takes on the form of an essay and has been posted to both her Facebook account and her Twitter account. In the statement, the singer not only confirms that she is in the process of putting together a new album for fans, she also confirms that the album’s title will be 25. According to an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Adele reportedly hinted at the release of an album by the name of 25 back in 2014, but XL Recordings, the singer’s label, reportedly nixed the whole plan.

According to Us Weekly, Adele has done more than just confirm her long-awaited album, she also gave fans a little taste of what they can be expecting from her new release.

“My last record was a break-up record and if I had to label this one I would call it a make-up record. I’m making up with myself. Making up for lost time. Making up for everything I ever did and never did. But I haven’t got time to hold on to the crumbs of my past like I used to. What’s done is done.”

Adele goes on to say that she has spent her whole life wishing it away — wishing she was older, wishing she had waited for certain things, wishing she hadn’t waited for others. She also stated that while she is willing to move forward, she will forever miss everything from her past simply because it “won’t come back.” Finally, she ends her statement with the comment that 25 is about getting to know who she’s become without realizing because she’s always been concentrating on something else.

She signs off on her little note with the statement, “I’m sorry it took so long, but you know, life happened.”

While life may have happened, it seems as if this album will make up for Adele’s absence. The singer really rocked the world Saturday when a mysterious short trailer of sorts aired during Britain’s X Factor, and according to Vanity Fair, hinted at Adele’s possible return. The clip was short and simple, and while the wording could have belonged to just about everyone, the tone and voice matched that of Adele’s nearly perfectly.

At the time the teaser aired, both Adele and her representatives refused to confirm or deny whether or not the musical short was apart of some new material, but after all the hype and now Adele’s latest statement, it looks like it’s safe to say that it was hers.

The Inquisitr recently stated that quite a few big names have been involved in the making of Adele’s new album, including One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, Danger Mouse, and Tobias Jesso Jr.

Ed Sheeran has even reportedly begun talking about the 25-year-old’s new album, and while he admits he hasn’t worked on it himself, everyone that he knows who has believes it’s going to be something big.

“I haven’t heard [Adele’s album], but everyone I know who’ve worked on it is just like, ‘Dude… that record!’ Apparently, it’s really good,” said Sheeran.

As of this report, there have been no confirmed dates as to when Adele’s newest album will drop, but word has it that it could happen as early as November.

Adele Confirms New Music

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