Wendy Williams Shares Her Secret To Losing 50 Pounds

Wendy Williams always seems to have a lot to say about others, but instead of making headlines for which celebrity she may have snubbed, the host of The Wendy Williams Show is opening up and making headlines for her amazing weight loss journey.

Wendy Williams is finally opening up and talking about her incredible weight loss journey, which includes letting fans in on her secret to losing 50 pounds over the past three years. According to Us Weekly, while taking part in her after show Q&A video chat on Monday, October 19, Williams reportedly told fans that not only was her personal weight loss journey a slow one, but that it taught her the importance of self-control.

Weight loss is typically a very private matter for many individuals. Many don’t feel comfortable talking about their current weight, what they need to lose, or even what they have already lost because it can make people feel as if they haven’t reached their goals. They may also feel like they are under a spotlight, something the average person isn’t used to. Well, Wendy Williams is far from the average person, and while she is used to being under the spotlight, she was very clearly uncomfortable talking about her weight loss after the question was brought up by one of her viewers.

During the Q&A session, Wendy was asked by a viewer, who was only identified by the name “Anita,” what her weight-loss secret was and if she had any tips she could share with viewers. The look on Wendy’s face throughout much of her answer shows viewers that she isn’t flaunting her weight loss. In fact, it seems as if she would rather not get so personal about it, but she does.

After talking a little bit about the recent compliments her son gave her, Wendy talks about how she is no longer a believer in things such as fad diets and weight loss pills. What does she believe in? The “just push back, fatso,” method. To clarify, that’s Wendy’s way of telling fans that it’s all about self-control.

“I go to the gym because it’s not about me losing weight at this point, it’s about me trying to fight heart disease.”

The Wendy Williams Show host goes on to say that while she is at the gym, she does “lots of cardio and Pilates,” and as far as her diet goes, she did admit to cutting out things such as meat, refined sugars, and dairy. While she claims to not love food as much as she once did, she admitted to picking up some pretty good habits to help her lose pounds and maintain her weight loss. Another habit she admits to is not eating after dark.

Dieting is difficult whether you are male, female, a celebrity, or not, and while there are plenty of fad diets and weight loss pills out on the market promising to help you lose those unwanted pounds, it’s important to remember one thing: You didn’t put it on overnight, and it won’t fall off overnight. Towards the end of her Q&A session, Wendy made that point clear.

“Slow and steady is the name of the game. It’s not going to happen overnight. I no longer believe in fad diets, crash diets. I don’t believe in diet pills. I don’t want my heart to race and pop out of my chest.”

While she also admits that she did receive liposuction and a tummy tuck to help aid her in her weight loss journey, Wendy still seemed adamant that it takes time and lifestyle changes in order to achieve weight loss goals such as hers.

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[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Operation Smile]