WWE News: Tyler Breeze Debuts On ‘SmackDown’, Attacks Dolph Ziggler

Last week it was reported that NXT standout Tyler Breeze would be moving up to the main roster and would be making his debut at some point in the near future. Well, that debut took place at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping, when “Prince Pretty” arrived during the “Miz TV” segment, where The Miz had both Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae as guests.

During the segment, Ziggler, who has been involved in a storyline with Summer Rae for the past several months, said that he’s done playing games, and that he’s just not into Summer anymore.

Summer was just fine with what Ziggler said, because, well, she had found a new man, and that man is Tyler Breeze, who came to the ring and attacked Ziggler. So, it looks like Breeze’s first program on the main roster will be against the former Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Champion.

Tyler Breeze debuts on SmackDown

There was some speculation that Tyler Breeze would make his debut at this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell show, and that he would answer John Cena’s US Open Challenge and defeat Cena for the United States Championship, as Cena will be on a brief hiatus following Sunday’s event.

Breeze is still a possible opponent for Cena on Sunday, but Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Weekly reported on Wrestling Observer Live that, even if Tyler Breeze is Cena’s opponent at Hell in a Cell, WWE isn’t exactly planning on having Cena lose the US Title before he disappears from WWE television for what could be up to two months.

“I think there is a possibility that Tyler Breeze is going to be John Cena’s opponent, and John Cena is going to beat him, retain the title, and then disappear for six weeks.”

As of this writing, WWE hasn’t announced that Tyler Breeze will be facing Dolph Ziggler at the pay-per-view on Sunday, and Ziggler will still be teaming up with Cesaro and Neville to take on the team of King Barrett, Rusev, and Sheamus on the pre-show.

So, with Ziggler being involved in the six-man match, that leaves Breeze available to accept John Cena’s US Open Challenge, which, at this point, most people are expecting.

Tyler Breeze makes debut

WWE did its best to keep Tyler Breeze’s move to the main roster quiet, as there were no hints of it, no weekly vignettes or videos. But, like mostly everything else these days, the move got out, and since then, there hasn’t been an official explanation given.

One thing that gave away WWE possibly moving Breeze to the main roster is the fact that he worked a dark match at last week’s SmackDown taping against Damien Sandow, which was a match that Breeze won, of course.

Breeze’s move to the main roster does present a lot of question marks for the NXT program. One of which is that, before he went down with an injury, Hideo Itami seemed like he was being prepped for a feud with Breeze upon his return.

Itami vs. Breeze is still possible, as previous NXT call-ups like Kevin Owens finished up their NXT feuds after their main roster call up. So, it remains to be seen if Breeze will still be used on NXT, or if he’ll be working only WWE shows going forward.

There was also some speculation that Breeze would end up wrestling NXT general manager William Regal at the NXT Takeover event that’s taking place from the United Kingdom in December. Breeze and Regal have been having issues on NXT recently, but, now that Breeze is part of the main roster, it looks like his issues with the NXT general manager won’t be resolved.

[Image via WWE]