Kathleen Kane: Spokesman For Convicted Pennsylvania Attorney General Shall Address Her Duties During License Suspension

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, multiple news outlets – specifically those locally stationed in Pennsylvania – made it known that Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane will have a spokesman relay what her duties will be after the suspension on her law license goes into effect on Thursday, October 22, 2015.

According to local news site WFMJ-NBC, Kathleen Kane’s spokesman, Chuck Ardo, will outline in an email the duties Kane plans to perform starting this coming Thursday, when her law license’s temporary and indefinite suspension takes effect. It should be noted that said email by Chuck Ardo will most likely be sent out to senior staff after their morning meeting on Wednesday, October 21, 2015, in which they will discuss the situation. Originally, the meeting was supposed to take place yesterday but was postponed to today due to several senior attorneys being unable to attend.

The email will also be made available to the public. But despite the fact Kathleen Kane will have her license suspended, she will technically be Attorney General still. This has been confirmed by Chuck Aldo himself.

“She [Kathleen Kane] will still be in charge as attorney general, but clearly she will be somewhat limited in what she can do.”

To be frank, many knowledgeable in law are wondering what Kathleen Kane will be able to do. First off, a suspended lawyer cannot practice any aspect of criminal or civil law. That places Kane in a quagmire because the attorney general handles both for state government and counties on request. Not only that, court rules also bar suspended lawyers from “expressively and implicitly” conveying their eligibility to practice law in public talks or in promotional propaganda such as letterheads, business cards, signage, websites, and references to admission.

The best course of action for Kathleen Kane to remain active in law is to disprove her multiple offenses of a legal matter while serving as attorney general. Such charges include perjury and official oppression. On top of that, Kane has other charges too especially another perjury charge based on allegations she lied about signing a grand jury secrecy oath

Apparently, trying to disprove her offense is exactly what Kane is trying to do by pleading her innocence of all the crimes she is accused of. If she fails, however, not only will she be unable to work in law but she may have to serve two seven-year sentences for her perjury charges.

With that in mind, Kathleen Kane constantly claims the charges against her are all a controversy created by the men preventing her from revealing their role in exchanging pornographic emails on government computers, as reported by The Morning Call. Kane however has flipped-flopped on her vows to release said emails found on agency computer servers. Maybe it is because she only wants people who oppose her to get in trouble, proven by the fact she only released emails exposing her political, personal, and professional enemies. As for Kane’s political and internal office supporters, their emails have been hidden.

Updates on what Kathleen Kane will be doing while her law license is suspended will be reported as soon as they are available. However, this situation will most likely hurt Kane’s political career in the future. Kane has said she plans to run for a second term as Attorney General in 2016, an endeavor she may not be able to do. Also, Kane was mentioned to be a potential Democratic candidate for the 2016 U.S. Senate election against Republican incumbent Pat Toomey, as reported by Politics PA. True, Kane turned down the U.S. Senate because she wanted to earn her second term, but if her license isn’t reinstated by the following year, she may pursue the position if having a suspended license isn’t a hindrance.

[Image via Screen Capture of Kathleen Kane New Conference]