Baby Chance Was Beaten And Suffocated To Death

Gruesome details in the death of baby Chance Walsh have been revealed, which indicate why murder charges have been pressed against both of the infant’s parents. News-Press reports that the once-missing baby suffered a truly violent death. That’s not the only shocking detail in this case, according to a police affidavit.

Fox 4 News reports that Joseph Walsh is accused of violently beating his 9-week-old son leading up to his death. Kristen Bury (the child’s mother) told authorities that she stood by while Joseph repeatedly struck baby Chance. The woman claims that the father of her child was in a rage, and was threatening to bash the baby’s head into the ground. Still, she did nothing to intervene with the violent attack on her tiny infant. After he was done beating up the helpless baby, he put him in his crib and left him there. However, that’s not all he did.

Joseph Walsh courtesy of Facebook

Bury told authorities that Joseph Walsh ultimately suffocated 9-week-old Chance Walsh with a baby wipe, which is what killed him. Even after Joseph allegedly murdered their child, Kristen Bury admitted to authorities that she did not call the police or call anybody for help. Instead of doing anything at all about the horrific act that had reportedly been committed, Bury and Walsh left baby Chance in his crib, where he remained until he started to decompose. He was later wrapped with several garbage bags and then hidden in a closet in the home.

The day after Chance Walsh was reportedly murdered, Kristen posted to her Facebook wall that her “awesome” husband was taking their little family on a vacation. Later after this post, the duo drove away from their home and dug a grave — which is where baby Chance was ultimately found clad in nothing but a diaper.

People Magazine reports that Chance was left to decompose for more than a week in his family home while Kristen Bury and Joseph Walsh tried to go about their lives. The mother of the slain infant allegedly told authorities that she didn’t want to turn Joseph Walsh in to police for what he had done, because she didn’t want to lose “both people she loves in the same day.” The details surrounding this case, and the reasoning provided by the mother, have sparked total outrage in the public and on social media.

Kristen Bury pictured with baby Chance. Photo courtesy of Facebook

Kristen Bury’s Facebook page contains a plethora of photos showcasing her pregnancy with baby Chance, along with several photos of the little one. On the surface, Bury appeared to be a doting mother who was happy to had been given the chance to bring a child into the world. In her photos, the baby’s father, Joseph Walsh, also appears to be a proud and excited father. The details that surround this tragic case appear to prove that these two were anything but proud parents — especially in light of information given by close friends and family members of the couple. At least one family friend had come forward during the search for the once-missing child, claiming that Bury and Joseph had expressed regret at having the boy. The friend expressed that Kristen had once wanted Chance to help get over the death of her other child, but that novelty soon wore off.

“She had made the comment to me that she was hoping that Chance would help her deal with the loss of Duane but it actually made it worse and that she was sorry she had him and that maybe she should put him up for adoption.”

This has been a tragic story, but given the evidence that has surrounded the case, the outcome was not very surprising.

[Photo: Kristen Bury / Facebook]