Bob Barker Rushed To Hospital Following Fall, 91-Year-Old Former ‘Price Is Right’ Host Suffers Deep Cut To Head

Legendary television host Bob Barker has reportedly been rushed to a hospital after suffering a nasty fall outside his home in Hollywood, California.

91-year-old Bob Barker, who used to host the Price Is Right, is believed to have suffered a deep cut to his forehead because of his fall. It’s even been reported that Barker has a two inch laceration on his head because of it.

According to TMZ, Barker suffered the fall on Tuesday morning when he tripped up on the curb outside of his home. Sources for the website added that, luckily, Los Angeles Police Department’s officers were in the vicinity when Barker fell over.

They were responding to another incident at the time, but saw Barker fall, and they immediately started to assist the television personality. After jumping out of their police vehicle, they then applied first aid to Barker until paramedics arrived on the scene.

Barker was then taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital for treatment on his head injury, while he also suffered a hurt knee because of the fall. Doctors were able to treat the one-and-a-half inch laceration to Barker’s forehead rather quickly, and he was then released.

Bob Barker is now believed to be back at his Hollywood Hills home resting and recuperating following his tumble.

<> a book signing of "Priceless Memories" by Bob Barker at Borders Books, Park Avenue on April 9, 2009 in New York City.

Bob Barker is mostly remembered for hosting The Price Is Right on CBS between 1972 until 2007. When the television host left the show he was replaced by Drew Carey, who is still on hosting duties.

Barker was born in Darrington, Washington, on December 12, 1923, and at the age of just 18 years old he decided to enlist in the United States Navy as a fighter pilot when the second World War started. But the war ended before Barker was assigned on a seagoing squadron.

Bob Barker then began his broadcast career in the years after the culmination of the war, originally working in Springfield, Missouri, the state that his family had relocated to during his teenage years, before working at a radio station in Florida.

In 1950, Barker relocated again to California, where he was soon given his own radio show, The Bob Barker Show, which he would run for six years. Barker proved to be rather popular, and game show producer Ralph Edwards soon took note of his voice and style and asked him if he’d like to host.

This was a gig that Bob Barker started with NBC’s Truth Or Consequence, a show that he started hosting on December 31, 1956, all the way up until 1974. While working on Truth Or Consequence, Barker also hosted End Of The Rainbow, The Family Game, and Simon Says, before he then moved on to The Price Is Right.


The Price Is Right is now the longest running game show of all time in North America, and Barker was regarded as the key ingredient to its longevity, while, at 83 and a half, he also holds the record for being the oldest man to ever have hosted a television game show on American television.

As well as working on this plethora of television shows, Bob Barker is also a keen animal rights activist. Barker has set up a number of charities dedicated to assisting animals, while he even began to end each episode of The Price Is Right with the phrase, “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”

Barker also became a cult figure in the mid 1990s after his appearance in Happy Gilmore, where, during a celebrity golf tournament, he beat up Adam Sandler’s character.

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