Sorry Swifties! Taylor Swift Isn’t Earning $365 Million This Year

Rumors have been swirling about Taylor Swift’s income. The “Wildest Dreams” singer may be rich, but it’s not like she’s filthy rich. Okay, maybe she is.

Reports claimed that Taylor Swift, 25, was making $1 million per day, or $365 million for the year 2015. The rumor started in the U.K. tabloid the Express, which claimed that Swift keeps her money locked away in a climate-proof vault inside her New York City apartment. Swift also donates the money to her fans and charities.

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The rumors then spread to the Daily Mail, MSN, the Business Insider, and several other media outlets.

But it looks like none of those things are quiet true. Forbes was quick to dismiss the rumors about Taylor Swift’s income. The business news site claimed that the singer’s estimated income is at $100 million, which still is pretty damn high. If you want to know how much Taylor makes per day, then it’s about $273,972.

Forbes knows because the popstar came in at No. 8 on the Celeb 100 in June, in which she earned a cool $80 million in 2015. Last year, Swift ranked at No. 2 on the magazine’s lists of country music’s top earners by earning $64 million in 2014. She also came in at No. 64 on Forbes‘ “World’s Most Powerful 100 Women” list that came out in May.

Back in June, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris quickly became Forbes’ Highest-Paid Couple for the year 2015, bumping Beyonce and Jay Z out of the top spot. The couple who dated for nearly eight months earned $146 million last year, while Bey and Jay earned only $110.5 million. Taylor earned most of her money from her endorsements with Diet Coke, Keds, and Sony, while Calvin earned his money from his campaign for Giorgio Armani’s men’s underwear line.

Now, secrets are coming out about the “Bad Blood” singer’s private plane and luxury apartment. Charli XCX was the latest entertainer to join Swift’s squad and to perform with her on the 1989 World Tour. There’s a lot that’s not revealed about Swift and her squad, until now. The open and honest singer told Heat Magazine that she got to fly on Swift’s private jet.

“I was in Toronto the other week, doing a show with Taylor Swift, which was, I mean, crazy, like, I can’t even explain it really.”

Charli then revealed to the U.K. magazine that she snagged some of Taylor’s female personal care products.

“Everything was customized, apart from, there were like tampons in the toilet, which yes I took a couple of them, because I needed them. But unfortunately they weren’t customized.”

Taylor Swift may not mind, but she may mind that Charli XCX revealed those very intimate details about the singer. After all, Swift has denied that she farted during an interview, and she denied that she snorted cocaine backstage at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. That doesn’t mean that Swift will allow other people to see her blow her nose on camera, even if it’s just a security camera.

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There are also new reports about Taylor’s secret apartment. The New York City pad,which inspired one-half of the singer’s 1989 album cost the singer-songwriter a hefty $20 million, according to a Harper’s Bazaar report. Taylor purchased the Tribeca apartment in 2014. The 8,3000 square-foot apartment has seven bedrooms, and 5-and-a-half bathrooms, which is perfect for her ever-growing squad. Rumors swirled that Taylor has dedicated some of her bedrooms to her best friends, including Karlie Kloss.

The country-style pad also includes features like wooden floors, wide-beam ceilings, and a marble kitchen that’s perfect for Swift’s baking and cooking sessions with her girls. The wooden accents are then complemented by crimson colored walls and a cascading staircase. It also has a fireplace with an ample living room that’s perfect for Swift’s parties.

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