Viral Video “High” by Max Harris: Is This Kid for Real? (VIDEO)

As the Internet increasingly becomes used to launch the musical careers of earnest tweens and annoying self-styled hot chicks, we, the undersigned audience, are treated to periodic influxes of hilariously misguided attempts at Internet super-stardom. Enter wanna-Bieber Max Harris, whose video “High” hit the Internet earlier this week, and is already all the rage on the Interwebs.

The video features the titular Max, pressing with uncomfortable sensuality against his lawn and the side of his house, declaring, “I wanna get high, I don’t care if I die,” over and over in an auto-tuned croon-fest. He thanks his camerawoman and editor in the description (yes, someone let him do this and stood by watching the whole thing happen), and claims sole ownership of the music and video content. Comments have been wisely disabled. Hey look! The song is even available on iTunes.

What am I to make of this kid? Is he for real?‘s Dan O’Brien says the video, “hits that perfect intersection of ‘alarming terribleness’ and ‘total earnestness,'” in an article dedicated to things the Internet should not be used for. NowPublic can’t tell if the kid is sincere or an evil genius trolling the lot of us, reasoning that, “a British kid his age (he looks to be a young teen) would be a digital native, and would already have a visual vocabulary of what web videos look like. Shooting against the side of his house feels more like an intentional joke at this point.”

I don’t know what to tell you, so here’s the video. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

You know, it actually is pretty catchy…