Lamar Odom Spent $75,000 At Nevada Brothel, But Owner Won’t Pay Prostitutes

There’s a lot of rumors and speculation about the famous Nevada brothel where Lamar Odom collapsed just a week ago. The former NBA star was found unconscious at the Love Ranch brothel, where he allegedly took cocaine and herbal Viagra supplements.

Now new details about Lamar Odom’s stay at the brothel are coming to light. According to a previous report via the New York Daily News, Odom dropped $75,000 during his weekend-long stay at the brothel. Odom’s tab included entertainment with the prostitutes and the alleged drugs he took during his stay.

There have been various reports about what Odom has taken during his stay at the brothel. Some reports claimed that he had “every drug imaginable,” while others specifically cited that he took cocaine and herbal Viagra pills. Several witnesses at the Nevada brothel said that Odom brought cognac to his suite, and took cocaine upon his arrival.

The former Lakers player was last seen awake on Monday night (October 12) by two of the prostitutes at the busy Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nevada. It was Lamar’s third day during his stay. The athlete spent $75,000 at the brothel, so he could have fun with two of the women in a VIP suite from Saturday through Monday, according to various reports. Lamar asked Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe to leave him alone on Monday. They then returned the next day to find him face down and unconscious in his room.

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He was reportedly choking on his own mucus when the two prostitutes walked into the suite and called 911. Both of the blonde sex workers were found missing from the brothel come Thursday, October 15. Both prostitutes described Odom as kind and a huge tipper during their weekend together.

But according to a new report via TMZ, the brothel owner won’t pay either of Lamar’s prostitutes. The owner Dennis Hof told the celebrity gossip site that he doesn’t want to pay the women because he believes they had something to do with Lamar’s health scare at the brothel. The owner previously insisted that Lamar didn’t take any drugs at the Love Ranch, but doctors found cocaine and a cocktail of drugs in his system when he was admitted to the hospital.

The two prostitutes originally agreed with Hof to split the $75,000 that Odom paid that weekend. That means they would receive $37,500 each. But now Hof has no intentions to pay either of his workers because he believes they have been acting suspicious since their mysterious disappearance from the brothel. It appears that the prostitutes took off so that they couldn’t speak to the authorities about the Odom incident.

“They will not answer questions about Lamar or possible drug use while he was here. I’m suspicious.”

The brothel owner believes that the ladies know more than they’re telling the media. But one of the prostitutes reportedly denied that she supplied Lamar with drugs during his weekend stay. And another report via the Daily Mail says that Cherry and Monroe returned their $19,000 checks back to the brothel, and felt they did nothing wrong by leaving.

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There are also rumors circulating that the prostitutes were sworn to secrecy after Lamar Odom’s health scare. The brothel owner has said that Odom asked all of the sex workers to sign confidentiality agreements during his stay at the brothel. He asked almost 12 women to sign the confidentiality agreements that would prevent them from talking about the former NBA star, including his stay at the popular ranch.

Dennis Hof said that this is the first time that a celebrity has asked his workers to sign such an agreement, and that no confidentiality policy exists for their clients. The women who do sign a confidentiality agreement are then prohibited from talking about their clients. It’s likely that the two prostitutes that Odom spent $75K on had to sign these agreements as well, which is why they probably took off after his health scare.

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