‘The Flash’ Season 2: Captain Cold’s Daddy Issues, Francine West, And Shantel VanSanten Discusses Patty Spivot [Spoilers]

The Flash season 2 episode “Family of Rogues” has a lot to do with relationships, The Flash producer Gabrielle Stanton revealed in a CW Inside: “Family of Rogues” teaser video. Captain Cold and Golden Glider’s father Lewis Snart is not a DC Comics creation, but another made for CW’s The Flash character, so little is known as to what the interaction between Lewis and Leonard (Captain Cold) will be in this season 2 episode. So far, the Flash season 2 universe only has this one episode sectioned off for the Snart patriarch.

Michael Ironside as LewisSnart

The Flash producer also explained that Francine West will also be a big focus of this episode, as she just returned at the end of episode 2, as the Inquisitr reported Sunday. Francine West was suppose to be dead, as far as Joe West told his daughter, so this will certainly shake Iris West’s world even more than it already had been in the season 1 finale. Though the Flash season 2 episode 2 will be focusing on Captain Cold and Iris West familial relationships, Patty Spivot is also another character that fans have been seeing getting more and more involved in season 2.

When we last left Patty Spivot, she had explained her reason for wanting to join Joe West’s mostly disbanded metahuman task force, and managed to get the nod from Detective West to join the ill-fated team or rather duo. Shantel VanSanten, the actress who plays the Flash‘s Patty Spivot, told Variety that Joe and Patty will become quite the close-knit duo, as season 2 progresses.

“There’s a lot of people who are guarded in general in real life, and that bleeds over into the characters that we find in “The Flash” – everybody’s a little bit guarded, everybody has their secrets, and they’re not necessarily as quick to open up as Patty was; but for her, when Joe confronted her about Mardon, she had to tell him because of her desire to join the task force. I think there will be things that come up that will force Joe to open up to Patty and for their relationship to progress even further, because I kind of come in like a wildfire. I think it’s a lot for Joe to handle, but they eventually find their groove and it’s such a fun working relationship with [Jesse]; he’s so wonderful.”

The Flash, like any comic book property adapted for TV or film, has a whole comic book universe of characters, backgrounds, and variant stories. Naturally, all actors have to study up, even if they are familiar with the comics. Entertainment Weekly reports that Shantel VanSanten explained that she received a slew of the Flash comics for her birthday, and used those to learn who Patty Spivot was and her DC Comics rivalry with Iris West.

shantel vansanten a patty-spivot

“I did. Actually, when I got the job, it was right before my birthday. For my birthday, I received from my family a whole bunch of The Flash comics. I’m a big comic book fan, but I actually have not read any of the recent ones of The Flash. I did read some of them. It’s interesting because in the actual comics, Iris (Candice Patton) and Patty butt heads a little, because Iris oversteps boundaries. I would say they don’t play into any of that. That’s not anything that’s interesting to watch, in my mind, like catty, girly stuff. It’s funny where it all picks up. I’m interested to see what parts they take from the comic books.”

Shantel VanSanten’s Patty Spivot was brought on the show as a future “love interest” for the Flash, which is a little different than the DC Comics role she played, where she worked alongside Barry and simply crushed on him. The CW often does things a little different, so it will certainly be interesting to see the Flash and Shantel VanSanten’s Patty Spivot work together.

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