‘Real World’ Season 31 Spoilers: What’s Known So Far About The New Season?

After leaving fans hanging for quite some time, MTV has renewed The Real World for Season 31 and filming is taking place now. While it will be a bit before the new season debuts and fans get much in the way of official scoop, there are some Real World spoilers about Season 31 floating around and fans will not want to miss these.

MTV confirmed that Season 31 of the Real World was on the way and filming is taking place in Las Vegas. Once again the season will begin with seven strangers as they meet and live together in Sin City. However, there are said to be some twists and turns incorporated into this fresh season.

The new Real World cast reportedly will be living in a penthouse suite at the Gold Spike Hotel downtown. While two previous seasons of the franchise have been filmed in Las Vegas, and the group lived in a casino in the previous seasons, the living arrangements are a bit different this time.

Broadway World describes the new Real World digs as being in an area of Las Vegas “brimming with vintage Vegas cool” where “A young, hip, off-the-strip crowd flocks to the local hotspot to hang outside, listen to live bands and play a round of oversized Jenga or giant bear pong.”

As for the cast itself, Vevmo is already sharing plenty of Real World spoilers for Season 31. Their forum has already detailed the seven initial cast members said to be filming, along with an apparent twist to the season. Filming reportedly began on October 9 and will continue until sometime in December, seemingly ending just before Christmas.

According to the Vevmo Real World spoilers for this next season, the seven cast members include CeeJai’ Jenkins, Christopher Ammon, Dean Bart-Plange, Dione Mariani, Jenna Thomason, Kailah Casillas and Sabrina Kennedy. The theme is said to involve the phrase “Go Big…Or Go Home,” and it sounds as if there may be a touch of Road Rules incorporated into this one.

If the Real World spoilers floating around are accurate, there will be about 20 “missions” these cast members have to face during filming. If anybody refuses to complete any of the missions, they may have to head home. It seems there may be some individual missions surely tailored to each cast member, as well as tasks they all have to face as a group.

The first mission was said to involve a hot air balloon and possibly needing to jump from it. From the looks of things, everybody went ahead and completed this one. Fans will be curious to see if this mission twist leads to any significant drama or cast changes down the road.


As for the cast members, Christopher Ammon is 23 years old and is from New York, though he grew up in Idaho and Utah. Sabrina Kennedy is from Boston and viewers will see some coverage during the new season about the fact she was adopted. Dione Mariani, 24, is also from Massachusetts while Dean Bart-Plange is from Los Angeles. It seems that Bart-Plange has done some acting work, according to his IMDb page.


CeeJai’ Jenkins, who seemingly goes by “CJ,” is from Atlanta and is said to aspire to be an attorney. She also has an athletic background. She is a domestic violence awareness advocate, seemingly after experiencing it herself, and the posters at Vevmo note that she may also have done some work in the entertainment industry. It also seems that she lost both of her parents several years ago.

Kailah Casillas hails from Fort Myers, Florida, though it looks like she aims to live in New York and pursue journalism. Jenna Thomason is from North Carolina and her Instagram definitely has Real World fans buzzing, especially when coupled with the fact that she may come from a Mormon background.


Just how will Season 31 shape up? When will the new season debut? Fans will have to stay tuned for more details, but many are thrilled just to hear that the Real World is indeed headed back to MTV soon for another round.

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