#ScaryStoryIn5Words Blowing Up Twitter: Make Yours Awesome

It’s Halloween season again, and #ScaryStoryIn5Words is streamlining the October thrill-fest. With big-budget flicks like Crimson Peak tanking at the box office and eating up 2 whole hours that you’ll never get back, it’s no wonder. The trending hashtag is letting people tell their scariest tales in (bet you haven’t figured it out yet) only five words. #ScaryStoryIn5Words is blowing up Twitter, and folks are having a great time sharing and reading #ScaryStoryIn5Words. #ScaryStoryIn5Words is even out-trending Oscar Pistorius in South Africa, reports News 24. So far, the hashtag has been tweeted almost 140k times, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing. Well, at least until about the first of November.

So what can you do to make your #ScaryStoryIn5Words awesome, favorable, and retweetable?

Artwork: By John Leech
There are a few good ways to get a lot of play for your #ScaryStoryIn5Words. First, know what you’re going for. Do you want to be satirical, scary, or gory? You’ve got five words, you’ve got to make them count. Most of the more popular #ScaryStoryIn5Words tweets are funnier than scary — things like “My science midterms are tomorrow” or “My new girlfriend is late.” Scary, true, but more intended to generate a laugh than nightmares.