Man Appears In Facebook Video Knocking Out Homeless Woman, Gets Arrested

A New Jersey man who appeared in a Facebook video knocking out a homeless woman has been arrested, the Press of Atlantic City is reporting.

On Saturday, October 17, Facebook user Bdsb Broadday, whose account has since been taken down, posted a video on his Facebook timeline. In the video, a man — later identified as 25-year-old Ibn Hunter — can be seen antagonizing a homeless woman in Atlantic City’s Brown’s Park. Off-camera, observers, including the person holding the camera, can be heard appearing to egg him on.

“She said you ain’t gonna smack her dog!”

Hunter then looks at the camera before smacking the woman, knocking her unconscious. The camera operator yells, “Bing!” and laughs. Hunter looks at the camera again.

“This (expletive) got (expletive) up saying I’m not gonna smack her. So any of you (expletives) talking that stupid (expletive) is getting smacked and knocked the (expletive) out like that. I ain’t playin’.”

You can watch the video of the knockout below, but be warned: This video contains violence and strong language, and may be disturbing to some viewers.

It is unclear, as of this post, when the assault took place.

At 1:41 P.M. (Eastern time) on Saturday, Bdsb Broadday first posted the video, with the caption, “Everyday sh*t out here this for all u b****es tht think this can’t happen to u u better think again ‪#‎justMadeMaDaybut‬ only for nowThe F*k up.”

He posted the same video again and again on his Facebook timeline at least a dozen times before the video, and his account, were taken down.

As of this post, it is unclear if user Bdsb Broadday is the same person who shot the video, although Facebook user Hiram Ayala-Oquendo claimed in a post Tuesday morning that they’re the same person.

“Here’s the b***h from yesterday’s video. Piece of trash. Bdsb BroadDay is the name of his friend who shot and posted the video. He should be in jail too. I looked him up on here….he looks like a real winner.”

A Facebook post from user Mikael Jacob, posted on October 8, purports to show a man identified as Bdsb Broadday.

Facebook knockout video

On Monday morning, an Atlantic City police officer recognized Hunter as the assailant in the knockout video and arrested him. He has since been charged with aggravated assault.

It is not clear why Hunter, who has a long list of criminal offenses dating back to when he was 16-years-old, attacked the woman, although one comment on one of the video posts before it was taken down by Facebook suggested that he was upset at having been spit on.

“She tried to spit on him. Getting spit on is the most dirtiest thing ever.”

The homeless woman who was knocked out has not been identified, as of this post. When the video was shown to residents of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, police were told they could find her at Campbell Hospital. She remains hospitalized with a “serious” head injury, according to the Houston Chronicle.

A 2014 Al Jazeera report notes that violence against homeless people is not only commonplace but is on the rise nationally. Homeless people are hesitant to report crimes against them for fear of being victimized again, either by the police or by the system in general, says Albuquerque homeless advocate Jennifer Metzler.

“I think that people feel … that nothing will be done, that they won’t be taken seriously, that they might risk access to services in other settings.”

As of this post, Ibn Hunter is free on $100,000 bond.

[Image via YouTube]