Ed Sheeran To Be Known As ‘Dr. Sheeran’? And More Details On His Home And Away TV Cameo

Ed Sheeran’s days of being “only” a musician are well and truly over – he has established himself as a bona fide actor and musician.

Fans have already seen Ed Sheeran performing on Kurt Sutter’s latest medieval gore story, The Bastard Executioner, as Sir Cormack. As Metro reported, Cormack is an assistant to a priest, and his claim to fame is that he gave the order for a prisoner’s eye to be cut out with a knife.

In case you missed Ed Sheeran’s big debut, watch the video below.

Ed Sheeran was already linked to The Bastard Executioner‘s creator, Kurt Sutter, as he previously recorded “Make It Rain” (a cover of Foy Vance’s classic) for the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack. And if you’ve been paying attention, you know that Sons of Anarchy was created by the same Kurt Sutter.

Ed Sheeran previously expressed a desire to play a role – even a minor extra role – in Game of Thrones, and lamented the fact that he never seemed to be around when scenes were being filmed.

“There were talks ages ago of me being an extra, which could have been cool. But every time they shoot it’s the time I tour in the UK.”

The Bastard Executioner has been compared to Game of Thrones, so perhaps Ed Sheeran’s desires have been satisfied now that he has finally played a role in an epic medieval TV series.

And going from the sublime to the ridiculous, Ed Sheeran has already filmed scenes for his upcoming cameo in iconic Australian television show Home and Away. It was announced back in August, 2015, that Ed Sheeran will hit the shores of Summer Bay later this year, playing a character known simply as Teddy, according to Metro.

As the story goes, Ed Sheeran is visiting in town looking for Marilyn Chambers, who served as his nanny for that period of time when she was based in the U.K. In a typical Marilyn storyline, she will have no idea that her former babysitting charge is now a world-famous pop star, and will be stunned and confused as he draws attention from everyone he meets.

According to another Metro article, apparently Marilyn’s confusion will be shown by her earlier comment to her husband John that, although the previous babysitting charge, Teddy, will be staying with them for a short time, he won’t be any problem because he is very well mannered.

In other Ed Sheeran news, the singer-songwriter may soon insist that he is referred to as Dr. Sheeran. Why? As Yahoo Australia reported, Ed Sheeran is set to be awarded an honorary doctorate from his local university from his hometown in Framlingham, Suffolk. University Campus Suffolk will receive the honorary degree for his “outstanding contribution to music.”

Despite the fact that Ed Sheeran left school at sixteen, the University saw fit to award Ed Sheeran with this ultimate honor, given his contribution to music, and to recognize his local origins.

The honour is being taken very seriously by Ed Sheeran.

“I’ve had an amazing year with my world tour and this makes it even better. Suffolk is very much where I call home and I’m always welcomed back and get so much support. Receiving this recognition is a real privilege.”

And in one final piece of Ed Sheeran news, he recently shared the stage with music legend Stevie Wonder in New Jersey, the Mirror reported.

Before singing a duet together, Ed Sheeran made the admission that he was feeling nervous standing next to such a legendary musician, and Stevie Wonder attempted to break the tension by lightheartedly mocking Ed Sheeran’s accent. Slipping into an impressive Brixton accent, Stevie joked that he himself was from Brixton.

“I’m from England too actually. I’m from Brixton, actually. I came to the States because I couldn’t make it in England, you know what I mean.”

Stevie’s joke did the trick, and Ed Sheeran relaxed enough full rendition of “Pastime Paradise.”

Watch it all play out here.

[Photo: Joerg Koch, Christopher Polk / Getty Images]