Woman Freed From Prison Despite Allegedly Helping Step-Brother ‘Clean Up’ After Killing Parents, Eating Their Flesh, And Necrophilia

A 22-year-old woman, Karen Klein, claimed that she “just” helped “clean up” after her step-brother, Leandro Acosta, killed their parents. Acosta, who was also Klein’s lover despite being her step-brother, has confessed to eating some of his step-father’s flesh and performing sexual acts with the corpses following the horrific murder.

Despite the hacking up the bodies into pieces and serving them up to the family dogs, Klein says that she “acted under pressure” in helping her step-brother. She claims she was scared that if she didn’t help her disturbed lover, step-brother that she would be killed as well. However, after the “clean up” Klein reportedly attended yoga class like normal despite having just witnessed the most horrific of murder scenes. Though she admits helping, the Argentinian woman was freed from prison as the courts found she “acted under pressure” during the clean-up and did not actively participate in the murder itself.

Pilar Argentina
Map shows the location in Argentina where the murder took place. (Image Credit: Unilad)

The Daily Mail reports that 22-year-old Karen Klein was accused of helping her step-brother, Leandro Acosta, “clean up” after he murdered the pair’s mother and father. The young woman allegedly helped Acosta, who was also her lover, dispose of the corpses and clean up the mess. According to police reports, Acosta confesses to murdering his mother and step-father as he claims the step-father sexually assaulted him as a child, and he feared the same was happening to his 11-year-old twin brothers.

He also claims that his mother was a drunkard who “involved him in threesomes” as a child and did nothing when her many sexual partners sexually assaulted him in his youth. He claims that he had planned out the attack for quite some time, and he shot his step-father, Ricardo Ignacio Klein, in the head before feeling “sexually excited” following the murder. After killing the pair, he claims he sexually assaulted Ricardo’s corpse.

Acosta claims that as he sexually assaulted the corpse, his mother, Miryam Kowalczuk, walked into the room, and he shot her “again and again.” He says that after the pair had been killed, he took his step-father’s corpse and hacked it apart before cooking up portions of the flesh over a fire. He claims he then ate the flesh which tasted like “pork.” Both bodies were dismembered and placed in locations throughout the house.

The gruesome murder, cannibalism, and necrophilia were just the beginning for Acosta. He allegedly then cooked up much of the remainder of the corpses and fed them to the family dogs. A giant bonfire was then created which Acosta, and allegedly, Klein, used to cook the remains. Neighbors complained that a “smelly” bonfire went on for days at the home. He also claims to have spent time with the corpses following the murder repeatedly beating the dead bodies and even impaling his mother’s corpse on a spike.

“He beat the corpses, crushed the skulls and impaled his mother’s body on a spike and committed an indecent act over her corpse.”


Neither Klein nor Acosta reported the murders and went about their business as normal with Acosta going to work, and Klein heading off to yoga class. It was alleged by police that Klein likely helped Acosta dispose of the bodies as the step-brother was restricted to a wheelchair. Acosta used a wheelchair and was connected to a colostomy bag because of intestinal issues. Therefore, police say he had to have help as he would not have had the physical strength on his own to move the bodies or light a pyre.

Meanwhile, Klein maintained that she only helped her step-brother with the disposal of the bodies because she feared for her life. She claims she was acting “under pressure,” and Acosta would have killed her if she didn’t help. The courts agreed with Klein’s lawyers and subsequently released Karen Klein from prison.

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