NFL Picks Week 7: Experts Unanimously Pick Seattle Seahawks To Beat 49ers

NFL picks for Week 7 favor the Seattle Seahawks to beat the San Francisco 49ers. The Week 7 NFL picks come from the football experts at CBS Sports, with the initial predictions unanimous in favor of the Seahawks. The road game is on Thursday, October 22, and it has become a must-win for the two-time defending NFC champions. Having fallen to 2-4 in the latest NFL standings, the Seahawks have just about run out of time to make a move.

Losing leads against the Cincinnati Bengals and Carolina Panthers in successive weeks has dropped a potential 4-2 team to a tie for last place in the NFC West. The team tied with the Seahawks is the 49ers, as the franchise continues to try to stay afloat. What might make matters worse for the 49ers, is that the CBS experts predict that the Arizona Cardinals will beat the Baltimore Ravens and that the St. Louis Rams will beat the Cleveland Browns. That leaves San Francisco as the only NFC West team picked to lose in Week 7.

Colin Kaepernick Sacked By Green Bay Packers.

There are several other Week 7 NFL picks that have a team unanimously favored to win. Those games have the Atlanta Falcons beating the Tennessee Titans, the San Diego Chargers beating the Oakland Raiders, and the Carolina Panthers beating the Philadelphia Eagles. If the Panthers can win another game, the team would improve to 6-0 atop the NFC South. CBS also feels that the Falcons will improve to 6-1 on the season, setting up a very exciting battle for the division.

As for the other undefeated teams, the Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Denver Broncos get a bye in Week 7. The other NFL picks from this week involving an undefeated team has the New England Patriots beating the New York Jets. Jason La Confora is the only CBS analyst picking the Jets to win this week. So far this season, he has a record of 59-32 in predictions, which is second-best among the CBS analysts. Dave Richard leads the way with a 61-30 record so far.

The Patriots vs. Jets game is actually a battle for first place in the AFC East. The team that wins this Week 7 game will exit the week as the first place team. If the Jets lose this game, it would put the team in a very difficult position to try to catch up later in the season. A win would put the team ahead of the Patriots by means of the head-to-head tie-breaker. That could certainly build a lot of momentum for the remainder of the 2015 NFL season. It’s not the only game where first place in a division is on the line.

Cam Newton Beats Seattle Seahawks In Week 6.

The Sunday night game on October 25 is the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Carolina Panthers. The Eagles need to win the game to stay in first place in the NFC East, because a loss could allow the other teams to catch up. In the other games involving NFC East teams, the Washington Redskins are picked to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Giants are picked to beat the Dallas Cowboys. Those NFL picks would leave the Giants as the only team at or above .500 in the NFC East and alone in first place for the division.

The other Week 7 NFL picks have the Buffalo Bills beating the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Indianapolis Colts beating the New Orleans Saints, the Pittsburgh Steelers beating the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Miami Dolphins beating the Houston Texans. In the Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings game, the analysts are split evenly on both sides. The Lions host the game, possibly giving the team an edge to pick up its second win of the season.

The Week 7 NFL picks get started on Thursday night at about 5:25 p.m. PT on CBS and NFL Network. The San Francisco 49ers play host to the Seattle Seahawks, with revenge on their minds after watching Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman eat turkey on their logo last season.

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