Carly Fiorina ‘Working In Casinos’ Quote Proven False, Parody Facebook Account Responsible

A false meme is making its rounds across social media, indicating that Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina reportedly stated Americans wouldn’t speak the same or work the same today if not for Christopher Columbus. Yet, the rumor was proven false after it was revealed a parody social media account doctored an image and made up the quote.

Snopes reports that on October 11, a Facebook page entitled, “Fox News the FB Page,” posted a photo of Fiorina with a caption underneath that read, “Columbus Day is not a time for us to dwell on the mistakes of the past. This is a holiday for us to celebrate exploration, discovery and all those things that make our country great. If it were not for the history voyages of Christopher Columbus, we would all be speaking Indian and working in casinos today.”

Although the Fox News logo was attached to the photo, the Facebook group is merely a parody account of the real Fox News. However, the meme looked convincing enough to make numerous people believe that Fiorina actually made the quote at an October Town Hall meeting.

Jenna Lee

Although there is no indication that it occurred due to the fake quote, Fiorina’s numbers are steadily declining in the latest polls. The Atlantic reports that a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll places Fiorina at a mere 7 percent in the Republican presidential running, a stark contrast from her numbers just one month ago. While once touted as the next president, Fiorina is now in fourth place, tied with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

While there isn’t an exact reason for Fiorina’s extravagant decrease in the polls, the Atlantic suggests that it may be due to a number of different factors, including Trump’s popularity soaring instead of declining. Additionally, fellow Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is gaining a lot of momentum in the polls, which may factor into pushing Fiorina down lower.

Carly Fiorina's recent low numbers in the polls may be due to the increasing popularity of fellow Republican presidential candidates, Carson and Trump.

Yet, one of Fiorina’s strong points lies in debate. After her solid skills emerged in the September 16 Republican debate in Simi Valley, California, she saw her numbers in the polls rise substantially. The next debate, which takes place on October 28 at the University of Colorado in Boulder, may help boost her back up again. However, even with another strong debate performance, some critics indicate that it will take more to get Fiorina’s numbers back up, including a downfall of either Carson or Trump and/or a better media marketing campaign and more exposure.

Carly Fiorina's strong suit is in her debate skills, which may help to increase her plummeting numbers at the polls.

Another downfall Fiorina faces is being female. While nine out of 10 Democrat voters welcome a female as the next president, only a third of Republicans who were recently polled indicated that they would like the next president to be a woman.

Carly Fiorina has yet to comment on the bogus quote.

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