‘I Did Nothing Wrong’: Lamar Odom’s Prostitutes Leave Love Ranch Brothel, Return Their $19,000 Checks

The two prostitutes, Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe, that found Lamar Odom unconscious in the Love Ranch brothel have returned their $19,000 checks and left the ranch. The two women maintain their innocence regarding Odom’s demise, saying “I did nothing wrong.” The pair had been accused of supplying drugs to the melancholy Odom, which they adamantly deny.

The Daily Mail reports that prostitutes Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe have left the Love Ranch in Nevada after the Lamar Odom incident. The two women not only left the ranch, but have allegedly each cancelled their $19,000 checks that were paid out for servicing Odom during his time at the brothel. The two prostitutes claims they did “nothing wrong” and that neither of them supplied Lamar with drugs during his stay.

Monica Monroe

One of the prostitutes, Monica Monroe has left Nevada, claiming that she is part of the witness protection program and is fearing for her life now that her photographs have been plastered across numerous media outlets. Monroe, whose real name is not being disclosed due to her claims of witness protection, says that she went into the witness protection program after her boyfriend was murdered. Now the Love Ranch brothel worker says she was forced to leave the state of Nevada altogether.

“I’m not to blame at all because I didn’t do anything wrong at all. I feel like I saved his life by finding him. My face is all over the world wide news now but we have an issue about this because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Monroe goes on to say that she cannot reveal more details about her innocence because she signed a confidentiality agreement before providing services to Lamar Odom. She says that she is leaving the state as she fears for her life and “has a problem with” the media posting photos of her following a recent hair dye job.

“I just found my man murdered not that long ago. And then my mother’s house was shot up, someone was looking for me and I’m in a witness protection program. And now my hair, my new dark that I dyed – because I’m not blonde anymore — it’s out in the news. I have a problem now.”

Meanwhile, the other prostitute that goes by the name Ryder Cherry was revealed as 25-year-old Kortnie Cannon. The woman is a single mother from South Carolina. Ryder is allegedly one of the highest earning prostitutes at the Love Ranch, but has left following the Lamar Odom controversy. Entertainment Tonight reports that the single mother also has experienced recent tragedy regarding a boyfriend. Cannon witnessed her boyfriend’s murder two years ago, as he was shot dead in their home. The murder was revealed by police as “drug-related,” as Cannon’s boyfriend was allegedly selling marijuana from the home.

Love Ranch Sign

Witnesses say that Cannon, also known as Ryder Cherry, left the Love Ranch on Friday morning after turning back in her $19,000 check. Love Ranch workers say she hasn’t been seen since the check return. Rumors suggest that Cannon may have left the ranch after a rule violation was revealed during the Odom investigation. Allegedly, the prostitute’s real name and real phone number were found written on a piece of paper and hidden in Odom’s shoe, despite strict brothel policy not to hand out personal details to clients. However, what is known is that Cannon is back in San Francisco with family and has “no plans” of ever returning to the ranch.

“She’s gone from the ranch and has no plans whatsoever to go back there.”

As drug allegations swirl following the release that Odom had cocaine in his system when he was admitted to the hospital. However, Dennis Hof, owner of the Love Ranch, claims that the brothel is a drug-free zone and that there is a no tolerance policy in place. Any girl found with drugs in the brothel is immediately fired. Hof says his reputation speaks for itself, and the the Love Ranch has never been a place for drugs.

“I have nothing to hide. I didn’t do anything wrong, my business didn’t do anything wrong, and I will help prosecute anybody if there is a problem anywhere. I have a 23-year history of no drugs in my places, 100 celebrities could tell you that.”

What do you think about the two prostitutes, Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe, returning their $19,000 checks and leaving the Love Ranch brothel?

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