Marissa Hermer Defends Her British Life: Criticized For Embracing UK Culture

Marissa Hermer may be American, but she has lived in London for many years. As she explains on the show, she married a British man, moved to London, had British children, and is now opening up a British-based business. Marissa knows that her roots are in America, but she enjoys the British culture and she enjoys living in Britain, where she has spent so much time.

But it sounds like some of the other American women, including Juliet Angus, are not pleased with the way Marissa Hermer is exploring the British culture. Perhaps Juliet wants Marissa to keep the American spirit alive. As fans of Ladies of London know, Juliet is very big on celebrating American traditions, including the 4th of July and Thanksgiving.

According to a new Bravo report, Marissa Hermer is now revealing that she won’t stop celebrating the British traditions. She quite enjoys the British way of life, and she isn’t about to change things around because Juliet doesn’t like it. As Hermer explains herself, she enjoys the journey of becoming a Brit.

“I’m not surprised to hear that Juliet denigrates me… but the fact of the matter is that I’ve lived in London for 10 years — I fell in love in London, married a British man, have British children, opened a business here, and now have dual-citizenship — so though I still have my American citizenship, I also have my British citizenship, and therefore actually AM British. At this point in my life, I’m very happy to adapt to my surroundings – and actually it is a wonderful adventure. Juliet criticizes me for embracing British culture but I actually believe that loving where you are living – wherever that is – and enjoying your life as it is – can only be a positive thing. It works for me,” Hermer explains.

Of course, Hermer got her British citizenship on the first season of Ladies of London and shared this journey with her family and viewers. And Hermer’s journey to open a business has been a primary focus this season. But there is another storyline that is brewing. Caroline Fleming is a new addition to the cast, and Marissa Hermer didn’t know her well. But she did know that Caroline was dating a much younger man.

Caroline Fleming from Ladies Of London

“I was surprised as Caroline Fleming had previously accepted my apology on a couple of occasions. I had called Caroline immediately after bowling to sincerely apologizes to her and also I went over to her house prior to the shooting weekend, where we talked and she said everything was fine with us. So when Julie told me in the bath that she was ‘going to let me have it,’ and was clearly still upset, I was surprised,” Hermer explains.

Marissa Hermer talks to Caroline Fleming on Ladies Of London

Maybe Caroline really wanted the apology to happen on television. Regardless, the ladies appear to be in a good place even though they had a rocky beginning.

What do you think of Marissa Hermer’s comments about Caroline’s fling? Are you surprised she is facing so much backlash from Juliet Angus about embracing the UK culture?

[Image / Screen Capture via Bravo]