‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke Questions Ridge As News Of Caroline’s Pregnancy Spreads

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday’s episode indicate that the news of Caroline’s pregnancy will be spreading like wildfire. As viewers saw on Monday’s show, Pam and Charlie figured it out, and Ridge revealed the news to Katie. There’s plenty more coming on that front on the October 20 episode, and viewers will not want to miss this one.

Viewers have been quite curious to see what would happen when Brooke found out about Caroline’s pregnancy, and the show isn’t going to drag it out for long. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps detail that Brooke and Ridge will have the conversation about this big news in Tuesday’s show.

After Caroline rushed out of the office on Monday due to her morning sickness, Pam and Charlie pieced things together and pulled Liam into the chaos. Though Caroline hesitated to talk about the speculation, Ridge showed up, as well, and things were a bit awkward.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that the secret regarding the pregnancy itself won’t stay hidden any longer, as Brooke will learn about this and confront Ridge over it. As B&B fans know, Ridge confided in Brooke about his vasectomy and work with the doctor, and she knows that he was told he was unable to have any more children.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Ridge will go the predictable route and seemingly tell Brooke that the doctor was wrong and that he had reversed the vasectomy, he just had not told her. However, Brooke apparently is not going to be so easily fooled.

Previews indicate that Brooke will be so bold as to ask Ridge whose baby Caroline is carrying. How will Ridge dance around this one? Will Brooke be the one to bust this cover-up wide open soon by connecting the dots of Ridge’s anger toward Thomas with Caroline’s surprise pregnancy?

Word of Caroline’s pregnancy will make it to Steffy in Tuesday’s episode, as well, seemingly via Liam. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Steffy will be blown away by the news, and it seems she will quickly wonder what her brother will think of the news.

Of course, Steffy has no idea that the baby is likely Thomas’, or that Thomas and Caroline had one night together. However, she knows that Thomas is hung up on Caroline, and that he will surely be hurt by the pregnancy news.

There is more coming up in Tuesday’s episode regarding Steffy and Ivy, as well. As fans saw on Monday’s B&B, Liam intervened and pushed for Ivy and Steffy to find a way to make peace with one another. The two had a detailed talk and seemed to find common ground.

During Tuesday’s show, Steffy and Ivy will seemingly reconnect and indicate that they have set their differences aside. Will this newfound peace last, though? When it comes to Ivy and Steffy, with Liam and Wyatt in the middle, it seems unlikely.

As the week continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Wyatt finds himself embarrassed over some kind of incident, and whatever happens will lead him to change his outlook on something. Is this related to Ivy’s lingerie gig or something else? Teasers indicate that a secret is revealed on Thursday’s show, while there is a lot more coming up regarding Zende and Nicole this week, as well.

How long can Caroline and Ridge keep their secrets hidden regarding the baby and Thomas? Will Nicole really go through with the surrogacy for Rick and Maya? Fans are anxious to see just what comes next as the drama continues on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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