‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Update: Joelle ‘JoJo’ Fletcher Early Favorite For ‘The Bachelorette’ 2016

Although The Bachelor 2016 is currently filming and nowhere near completion, a possible scoop on who’s an ideal candidate for The Bachelorette 2016 has been named. It’s far too early to even consider who might be the next potential Bachelorette, but fans love any and all speculations when it comes to these two reality shows.

According to an updated blog post by Reality Steve, one of Ben Higgins’ contestants appears to be an early favorite. Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher is one of the ladies that Steve sees as making the lead for The Bachelorette 2016.

Fletcher is a 24-year-old from Dallas, Texas. Steve writes that this Bachelor contestant is already familiar with the reality TV world. Her stepbrother, Ben Patton, was one of the three single men looking for love on Eva Longoria’s reality show Ready for Love. It had a brief stint on NBC a few years ago before it was moved online.

Steve commented on JoJo, “And if you’re looking for an early candidate for next Bachelorette, it’s JoJo. Just sayin’.”

According to Steve, JoJo’s ex, Chad Rookstool, is watching her dog while she’s away filming The Bachelor with Ben. Does this mean that Joelle Fletcher has a boyfriend while appearing on the show to win Ben’s heart? Steve continues in his blog that from what he’s heard, Chad isn’t thrilled that she’s doing the show, but that they’re “definitely broken up.”

Reality Steve has a ton of photos of JoJo Fletcher, some of which are posted here from social media accounts. The one posted below here is one of JoJo with her stepbrother, Ben Patton. It was taken back in April 2014 at a gathering they were attending.

Another tweet posted by Patton was posted in July of 2012. It was about the time he was appearing on Longoria’s show, Ready for Love.

From additional spoilers that Steve has on The Bachelor for the 2016 season, JoJo is one of nine women who’ve made it so far into the show. The cast arrived in the Bahamas on Friday and continue with the group and one-on-one dates.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

Besides JoJo Fletcher, the other eight women who make up the nine remaining are Olivia Caridi, Becca Tilley, Lauren Bushnell, Amanda Stanton, Emily Ferguson, Lauren Himle, Leah Block, and Caila Quinn.

Steve offered up some additional spoilers for The Bachelor 2016 and what fans can expect to see when the show airs.

One of the contestants brings a pony on the first date, and it stays through the entire cocktail party. A couple of world-famous athletes were part of another date. Perhaps one shocking spoiler that emerged on Monday was that Olivia Caridi won the first impression rose. This contestant is already getting press for her deceptive nature. According to reports, Olivia is making Ben believe that she’s a devout Christian and has the same family values that he does when she’s really not about any of that. Apparently, she’s showing another side of herself to the contestants. Does this sound like a typical Bachelor season? This isn’t anything that fans haven’t witnessed before. Well, it looks like Olivia is the one to fulfill the two-faced role in Ben Higgins’ season.

It’s unknown what JoJo is like on the show at this point.

Is Reality Steve right in predicting that Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher will be the next Bachelorette for 2016? There will be no end to the speculations over who gets that lead once The Bachelor begins.

The Bachelor 2016 premieres in early January.

[Photo Credit: ABC Television]